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    This was a waste of $1
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    Also white balance your pictures, the lighting in those is very yellow and not very flattering, and it takes half a second and a single click in Lightroom to fix.


    And while im still here, here is some shots i made with my prime lense while i was at Igromir 2017 last weekend. Criticisms are welcome!
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    any tips on how to improve my gunpla pics?

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    Could I get criticism on this photograph?

    I think the composition is good for the most part but I don't know if my post-processing is up to par. Also the guy didn't come out looking right after that. Is it just over sharpened (It looks super sharpened when shown in a smaller resolution but not so much blown up)?

    I really like it, feels natural and doesn't look over edited to me. If there's one thing that bothers me it's that the image is like slanted a bit to the left, but perhaps that's just my imagination.

    Perhaps it's a bit underexposed? I honestly don't know though, I think it looks good. I wish I could make nature look like that, whenever I shoot in forest I get stuff that are underexposed and leaves that are overexposed.
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