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    A GIF of recent progress on REDFOXES with pistol-type firing animations finally in place for Kaufman, as well as the first signs of the AI having a global Alert mode (as well as calling for backup.)

    Also I should probably set that Noise Hitbox to invisible in the future... The time for debugging that is long over with by now (for now.)


    Anyway, next on the art agenda is putting Sir Debug Cube (Third of his Line) to rest once the sprite-sheet for the basic enemy is complete, and then making proper UI assets. Probably going to take a hiatus from posting more screenshots until me and the artist I'm working with have finally excised all instances of Programmer Art in anything I intend to demo.

    That goes to say - I'm almost finally at a point where REDFOXES is basically "gameplay complete" and I'll be 100% focused purely on polish and creating actual content within the frameworks I've spent the past few months setting up. Feels good man.    I bet everyone who's actually shipped something had their eyes roll to the backs of their heads reading that.   

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    I started messing around with some 3D functions, could be useful for something.

    I always wanted to try out a mix of 2D and 3D like the old Resident Evil games.
    Lenny is sent to save the Prime Minister's kidnapped daughter Annelise from a small town in rural...

    ... Portugal.

    Looks neat by the by.

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    Lots of stuff has come in place today. Thereís a scoring system, a weapon selection system, the related HUD elements, and the mechanics necessary to drive those new types of weapons.

    The cannon is your all purpose gun. The shotgun required the ability for guns to fire multiple bullets per bullet. The flak shells required the creation of a proximity fuze and the use of the explosion manager. The grenades required a burst fire mechanic (this took longer than I thought it would to write) and an impact fuze for its explosion.

    Pickups are now in. Both health and weapons. This also means that player weapons other than the cannon now have ammo counts. As tempting as it is to spam flak, you should have to think about it.

    Only thing left is a good way to spawn in enemies and groups of enemies, then all just a bunch of little things like more info on the HUD, polish, and juice. Thereís also potentially a partial re-write of the way the HUD targets work because right now itís messed up enough that Iíve had to disable it completely to prevent crashes. Hopefully that wonít be too bad.

    Iím sad that missiles probably arenít making the cut. It would give flak another purpose.

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    For a diesel engine this looks almost okay to me. The max RPM is waaaaaaaaay too high for a diesel engine, there are not many engines that rev above 5000. You might also want to increase the mass of the bus a little bit more, or add power losses to the transmission so the engine has to rev a little bit higher for the same movement speed. Shifting also should not be that smooth, when upshifting, the RPM usually drops by about 500 because of the sudden increase of workload unless it's a continuously variable transmission. Also make sure there's some range between when the engine idling and when the clutching engages and starts transferring power to the wheels (think centrifugal clutch).


    Some buses redline even at 3k RPM
    Oh yeah the RPM gauge is from when I had a petrol engine.
    I'm aware that the RPM should drop abit when shifting, but I always saw that as an effect of as you said the load increasing, which means it should happen automatically. It seemingly doesn't. Could you rephrase that last sentence? I don't quite follow. Right now the only clutch I have is one that disengages the torque converter once you're standing still and have no throttle in order to not make the bus start drifting away due to the idle RPM of the engine.