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    Outskirts of Bursa, Turkey

    Tank Ace Adam Roth and his Tank crew resting during a break in the combat. His Challenger 2 has Accumulated 22 Tank kills with 17 assists, Earning the position as Second deadliest tank ace in the PMC
    As the city center has become locked in stalemate, the outskirts of the city have become a graveyard for Eurasian Pact Armored Vehicles. Gecko Challenger 2a1 Main Battle Tanks have been racking up large amounts of tank and vehicle kills thanks to the assistance of Hydro-pneumatic Suspension and Level 3 Dorchester Armor as well as the accurate M256 Smoothbore Gun. Throughout the Campaign, Gecko has lost 21 Challengers with Half attributed to enemy fire with only 3 of the losses involving the loss of the crews, giving Gecko confidence in their decision to invest in the platform. With the Stalemate dragging on, Gecko High Command is proposing the deployment of a further 2 Tank Battalions to the area.
    Dragon Ridge Shipyards, Alaska

    Back on the Home front, Among the protests from the locals, Gecko had Finished the first of 5 Massive production Drydocks. Despite the local criticisms, the Shipyard is expected to employ about 6,000 Local Alaskans initially and upwards of 10,000 when the Shipyards are at peak operational status. The first ships to be built for the Gecko Group will be 5 Upgraded Oscar II Class SSGNs, designated as the Leviathan Subclass of submarines. With the lead ship, Leviathan Expecting to be commissioned sometime next year. As well as producing ships for the its navy, Gecko has Signed a deal with the UPA to produce 15 Modified Los Angeles Class Attack Submarines as the Santa Fe Subclass, the First Boat is expected to begin production once a slipway is available.
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    Istanbul, Eastern Roman Republic.

    Bavarian Armed Forces begin the process of holding their ground and take some well needed R&R.
    Namely, the 1st Mechanized Brigade takes some rest in Istanbul whilst division high command orders others
    to the front. High Command officials and soldiers have however noted a mysterious black vehicle roaming around
    Istanbul with two occupants driving around the main city square for a couple of days now. Soldiers have been however
    been ordered to not interfere with the black vehicles nor its occupants.

    Munich, Bavaria.

    The War in Turkey has taken a toll on daily life in Bavaria, however the people have not forgotten about the interim President and the end of his term.
    The only reason why the interim President was able to continue his term for longer than his mandate was due to the emergency powers granted when
    conscription laws were instated. Three major parties have emerged throughout the overextended time of the interim President.

    [Left] Gerbert Jäger - Blue Eagle Party | [Center] Henry Habsbacht - Checkered Blues Party | [Right] Kevin Hab - Nationalist Defense Party

    Gerbert Jäger, a firm believer of interventionism, Gerbert was born on July 26th, 1959 in Munich. In his political career, he was always close with Henry Hasbacht
    but now it's clear that he's on the way to a different path. Being part of the Blue Eagle Party, he believes that Bavaria is needed to assist in any of the Eurasian Pacts
    or any of Bavaria's allies in the battlefield, anytime and anywhere. Even if the odds are stacked against him, he will believe in a quick resolution through force is needed
    to achieve an end to the Global Espionage War.

    Henry Habsbacht, the pioneer and the face of the independent movement. Henry was born on May 12th, 1972 in Berlin. In his political career, he was a stern believer
    in being different than the other politicians and known to be the "Shining Knight In White Armor" against corruption and scandal. Being part of the Checkered Blues Party,
    he keeps a reserved opinion on interventionism. He believes that though the world is a dangerous place with many twists and turns, many allies are required to help the stability
    of Bavaria. His options are relatively limited when it comes to his stance on intervening in war. Though he believes some wars are worth fighting, he is most likely not willing to
    participate in many conflicts.

    Kevin Hab, a relatively new contender in the political scene. Born in Ruhr on January 2nd, 1964, he focused on his studies and the political garden. With the independence of Bavaria,
    he moved to Bavaria from Germany to pursue a life in politics where his hard-right beliefs are not suppressed by the government, unlike Germany. Kevin believes in the expansion
    of Bavarian ideals through means of force and media and has utilized many media outlets to put his point across. His party, one of the only recognized parties in the Union Of Bavaria,
    holds a number of seats in parliament and plans on using his expertise and influence in winning the upcoming election.

    More details to come on these three main contenders in the race to the presidency.
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    Eskişehir, Turkey
    ERR forces conducting an airstrike on Ankara earlier in the week showed positive results when it came to their procession bombing operations and ramped up the pressure with intense bombings everyday. However, avoiding Ankara as the operation was successful but was costly to ERR fighters, so other strategic targets were marked and eventually hit by the ERR airforces. The ERR are hoping the intense bombing operations will cripple the Turkish forces to such an extent that their operational capabilities will be extremely limited if any at all are still combat ready.

    ERR low flying bombers hit a communications post at a Turkish military airfield near Eskişehir.

    With the intense fighting around Bursa and the frontline east of there - Turkish forces are trying their best to keep up the fight but unlike before ERR forces never hit deep behind the lines because of overwhelming issues and the cost, but with the Turks ever weakening and new leadership and tactics the procession bombing has effect the Turkish effectiveness in the field. Now supply and troop conveys are hit at every chance they have - however with the strides forward in procession bombing. The war overall is still equal, with it dragging on, even possibly to the New Years the ERR leadership may soon find a way to end the war diplomatically if an option presents itself - but till then they fight onwards, till their men walk the streets of Ankara victorious.

    Turkish Fuel convoy en-route to Bursa with ERR bomber overhead.

    "(ERR pilot): Nero this is Brutus-1-5, we have eyes on the convoy, three fuel vehicals and two other unknown's - they have a M60 as an escort break."

    "(Nero): Affirmative Brutus-1-5, that should be the fuel convoy en-route to Bursa, do not let any of the vehicles reach Bursa - you have your orders, over."

    "(ERR pilot): This is Brutus-1-5, confirm - I am engaging the convoy out."

    A successful strike against the convoy.
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    Rising Civil Strife (FLASHBACK)

    Mandatory Universal Conscription Act is debated heavily in Kongress. Peaceful demonstrations begin to discourage the signing of MUCA.

    MUCA passes through Kongress and is signed by the President. Peaceful demonstrations double in effort to have MUCA removed.

    Above: A peaceful demonstrator demonstrating to the people in the streets of a neighborhood in Sevastopol, under the watchful eye of police.

    President relents and creates a bill for MUCA adding a second article, and pushes it into Kongress. This second article is as follows: "MUCA Article II.: Anyone who is within the age range of 18-21 as described in Article I. must mandatorily serve his country for three years in the branch of his choosing. An exception can be made to this rule. If you are currently still enrolled in high school or enrolled in a college when the recruiters come looking for you, you may sign an agreement to push your mandatory service after your graduation of high school or college. If you are a college graduate, you will be offered to attend Sevastopol Officer Academy and become an officer. If so, you will complete your three mandatory years as an O-1 depending on branch of service or if you are promoted. Once your mandatory service contract expires, you may choose to leave the service or extend your contract as you see fit."

    MUCA Article II. Bill satisfies all three parties in Kongress, and passes. Demonstrations dwindle.

    Violent strikes begin as people start to oppose the draft.

    Fregata Private Military Corporation's headquarters is bombed; declare bankruptcy. Simultaneously, a large mob threatens to storm Fort Gremikha outside of Rozdolne. Mob is forcefully dispersed through use of BTR-110s armed with riot control weapons.

    Above: Some members of the mob start to hit the outer fence of Fort Gremikha; troops are ordered to use non-lethal attacks only.

    Senator Dima L. Zadornov, President Zadornov's infatuated and jealous twin brother, resigns from Kongress as head of the Republican Party. He disappears from public eye hours later.
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    Novohrad-Volynskyi, Ukraine..

    Fighting in Novohrad-Volynskyi continues on, with Ukrainians surprisingly holding the Volhynian forces busy in the western part of the town. Volhynian tank units has therefor been given new Leopard 2A5 tanks bought from the Grand Duchy of Samogitia, to counter the Ukrainian tanks.
    More men in Volhynia are also being conscripted into the Army, to get a Superior number of soldiers. Today, fifteen Volhynian soldiers died, two of which died in a mortar accident. And around seventy soldiers wounded.

    Volhynian soldiers from the 11th Guards Division fighting Ukrainians in the outskirts of Novohrad-Volynskyi.

    A Volhynian fortication in Western Novohrad, being attacked by a stronger Ukrainian force.
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    Mugla Province
    GDS launched the mainland invasion of turkey in Mugla forces, paratroopers have been deployed in Mugla province to first weaken the local Turk forces before the main coastal landing. if his province is taken the ERR and GDS will be capable of supplying each other with troops, supplies and assist each other in their road towards Ankara.

    GDS cargo planes flying towards mainland in order drop off airborne troops, combat vehicles and supplies.

    Freshly air dropped GDS troops been dropped in rural areas of the province, once dropped these paratroopers started simple seek and destroy missions, such destroying convoys taking over small own or simply sabotage. the paratroopers are considered elite infantry in an entire white army who received more training and more general survival skills which in this case GDS troops utilize creating temporary field HQ inside the enemy territory.

    Northen Cyprus

    GDS troops have entered the capital of northern Cyprus the last illegal countries bastion North Nicosia, their Cypriot forces are all regrouped and capable of establishing an effective defence of the city, but the GDS white army won't give up until the city is fallen under the Samogitian boot, it's clear that this will be bloodied part of the invasion as fighting Cypriot forces in Nicosia is like fighting a cornered animal which is desperate and will do anything to survive. GDS forces only entered the outer city area and already experienced fierce s]resistance from the Cypriot forces which utilise the urban area to their advantage, in order to counter this GDS will try to stablish good intelligence and start strategic bombing the military target sleeping the unnecessary civilian casualties at the minimum.
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    • Pilar, Nuevo Buenos - United Provinces of Argent - Three weeks ago •

    Provincial Host: Earlier this week we had learned of the tragic case of two Provincial red cross volunteers who were helping the tired and hungry refugees in the city of Bursa. Ana Maria Gonzalez, 22, and Roberto Esteban Hanson, 48, were captured one morning by Kergistani soldiers while they were trying to get refugees in the city according to witnesses in the area, Roberto was executed on the spot after begging the Kergistani soldiers to not injure Ana Maria, who was later taken away on a truck by Kergistani forces.

    Bayram, one of the refugees and former lawyer from Istanbul, managed to meet the two red cross volunteers before their disappearance, when asked by our translator on the refugee camp, he gave us his opinion on both medics. "They two were the kindest people I've ever met in my life, Roberto, despite not knowing a single word of our language, tried his best to understand our needs and help our people. Ana Maria was truly a saint among the nurses, trying to cheer our orphans and our widows, speaking almost perfect Turkish -- it's a shame what happened to Roberto, a man so selfless like him did not deserve to be put down like a rabid dog on the street!"

    When asked about his opinion on the war, an almost broken Bayram told us his history "Back in December 11, my son had recently finished his studies, when the first reports of the E.R.R attacking Turkey came on the news we were hoping that our troops could be able to hold them back, but as they grew stronger and the approached our city, chaos broken through the city, I barely escaped with my life, they took everything away from me, my family, they killed my son like he was nothing, they took my daughter away to god knows where, what did we do to deserve this? What have we done, the people, to their soldiers, to the government, why do they want to erase us!?"

    Provincial Host: As war in Turkey continues, most Turkish towns fall to the wrath of the E.P, our troops with the help of our allies try to stop their advances in Bursa. With the war spreading though the nation, many citizens seek shelter in the Eastern Side of the country, refugees trapped in the war zone run to the encampments protected by the Provincial Armed Forces, but the brutal attacks of the E.R.R on the camps have killed over a hundred Provincial soldiers and medics.

    Despite the confident, yet defiant words of President Alejandro Usariaga to both leading political movements, in a surprising and unexpected turn of events, the Senate has joined together to condemn the actions of the E.R.R and demand the Kergistan authorities to give back any captured civilian P.O.Ws. Senator candidate and leader of the Socialist Front of the People, Catalina O'Higgins, gave us a few words before walking into the congress.

    Catalina: While we might not agree with the wild neo-liberal policies of President Usariaga, his fight against tyranny, hatred and bigotry is commendable. The actions of the EP and its allies are abhorrent and lack both empathy and humanity, for this reason we want to give our support to President Usariaga and to the Provincial Army in their fight against the forces of hate, we also demand answers from the authorities of Kergistan about the forced disappearance of Ana Maria Gonzalez and of any other civilian medics their forces might have captured, as established by article four of the Third Geneva Convention, do the right thing General Beibitzhan.

    Marcelo: How hateful can an entire group of people be? what the fuck is going on with the Romans?
    Alejandro: They are hiding their past pain under the facade of a murderous tyrant, it's sad what the world is coming down to, this is why we are there, to help the people endure through this pain.
    Marcelo: I thought we were there to... you know...
    Alejandro: Marcelo... that day I lied to you, Catherine and Medeiros, I don't care for the Turkish resources, Hell, we are rich in minerals and resources of own! but if I hadn't lied to you, to Medeiros and Catherine, I would have been seen as weak... and then the rumors would have spread across my entire cabinet, and I would have lost control of my nation, because when one tries to be human, when one tries to show even the smallest bit of humanity, it is seen as weakness, me and your mom learned that the hard way.
    Marcelo: Dad, Catherine is not as... cold as you might think she is.
    Alejandro: I know, son, I know... I can see it now, listen... I think it's time we do something against this evil, even if we are not able to win this war, we will stop the atrocities of the EP, no matter what.

    After a few minutes, Alejandro makes a phone call in the balcony of his Pilar house.

    Alejandro: Catherine.
    Catherine: Huh? Mr. Usariaga, it's rather late... what is it?
    Alejandro: First of all... I want to congratulate you, the attack on E.R.R territory was successful and it's all thanks to you... you are a good kid.
    Catherine: ...
    Alejandro: It's time to start fighting back with everything we've got, we have people to save.
    Catherine: ...understood.
    • October 19, Bursa, Turkey •

    With a new found will to fight back against the wrath of the E.P, Provincial forces stationed in various locations scattered across Bursa encampments decided to join the battle front with their GECKO and Penumbra, leading a violent offensive as the tired Turkish forces take their time to regroup at the center of the city.

    As Kergistan and Bavarian troops push onward, they are met with an adamant resistance from the angry Provincial Army, who are often aided by the remaining Turkish defenders, their mercenary of Penumbra and their armored front from GECKO.

    Despite the brutal counter attacks of enemy forces, Penumbra has proved to be a reliable ally, with their operatives leading vicious raids against enemy enclaves scattered across the Turkish town.
    Meanwhile troops in Ankara organize themselves to head to the Southern front to fight against the many E.R.R, Karaqi and Samagotian forces.
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    Kergikstan forces that were pinned in the apartment had lunched an counter attack to push back enemy forces after weeks of entrenchment in the buildings, and assisting The order in fighting off enemy forces, Kergikstan BM21 Rockets have been reported firing on Hostile positions in east of bursa
    Mugla Province

    Kergikstan has sent the infamous 68th shock battalion and 2 Sections of air cavalry, to help their GDS allies in fighting the enemy forces, Kergikstan also started doing air strikes on enemy positions in the province to soften resistance for Arriving helicopters and for the GDS forces nearby.
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    Adana, Turkey. FEK forces have rooted out most of the Turkish forces in Adana, however as they try to move supplies through the southern parts of the city, insurgent and militia force ambushes are occuring more by each day. FEK's solution is to search block by block to root out insurgent nests and provide more security to their supply convoys, however this effort is costly and time consuming.

    A supply convoy heading to the frontlines taking sniper fire.
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    Tchvonian News Network posted:
    "A shooting in a Kara Sea City nightclub last night claimed the lives of 13 people including one of the shooters. Police have blamed local criminal syndicates for the attack and vowed to get to the bottom of this whole ordeal, while witnesses report hearing shouting about 'Americans'. Among those killed was a Tacticus Solutions Executive who was found shot execution style in one of the restrooms of the club, we'll have more to report once all the details are brought in. In other news..."
    First serious attempt at making a comic, had to split it into two parts. But yeah I'm back and back doing this it's gonna be good.
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    Gerede, Turkey
    146 KM south of this town near the black sea is Ankara. The capital of Turkey and the prize of the ERR and EP, for months the war has pressed on - first Istanbul fell after a grueling and bloody battle for the historical city. Now the next target is Ankara. Praetorian Guard Legions have circled around the larger forces in battle around Bursa and went north east, eventually linking up with the ERR airborne forces who landed further east months ago. They eventually pushed south encountering a large Turkish army dug-in, while the airborne forces struggled hugely taking causalities. The Praetorian followed behind - with pure fanaticism and training they could break some of the Turkish positions in the town and kept moving to capture the town center.

    Heavy resistance still has slowed their advance for a time, but the Praetorian's are much better equipped and trained than the regular Legions giving them a sharper edge to fight the Turkish forces that remain. With a large presents in the town due to it's distance from Ankara it will be a major flashpoint and a turning point for the future battle of Ankara if the town is taken by the Praetorians.

    Praetorian Legionaries fighting in Gerede.

    Bursa, Turkey
    As the war progresses the battle of Bursa is far from over, a meeting point for all sides of the war. The city itself has become a bloodbath and stalemated - civilians rather have fled or died in the fighting and all those in the rubble of the city are fighting to the death. Street by street fighting, the Coalition and Turks know if Bursa falls the EP forces have a pretty clear path to the capital which means the city is the last defense before the capital city. ERR forces along with other EP forces have been bogged down fighting for the center of the city, while airstrikes helped prevent heavy attacks from the Turks. The relentless Coalition have made the situation a brutal stalemate - however the ERR have sent in one Praetorian Legion in hopes to break the stalemate.

    The FC however have managed to gather their guerrilla forces and break some Turkish strong points in the east of the city, this may help the EP forces capture the southern east half of the city - giving the Pact another step closer to victory.

    FC guerrillas held up in a building, while ERR use their air power to hit enemy forces.
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    A video uploaded by the official twitter account of the FC has gain some attention this morning, the video shows combat footage and troops of EP members and ERR allies fighting in Turkey with a song in the background jabbing at the leader of the UPA - Alejandro Usariaga. The video was taken down but an anonymous source has created a spam virus that is infecting websites, the virus will be placed everywhere on the site; included where pictures and videos were and will play with no pause on repeat.

    Oj alejandro alejandro
    Father of lilies
    The yankees will also turn their backs on you
    Oj alejandro alejandro
    Receive a cold shower
    Your friend Totleben is smiling at your face
    Oj alejandro alejandro
    Liberal degenerate
    Order will lead you thirsty across the water

    Oj alejandro alejandro
    Feeble is your army
    It would have been stronger if you had joined us
    There are no more Turkish pies made from golden roman wheat
    Oj alejandro alejandro
    you're awfully mad at us
    because a roman will not sell himself for flour
    Oj alejandro alejandro
    Why do you need refugees?
    How many camp attacks do you think you‘ll get?
    Oj alejandro alejandro
    You will lose your honor
    When Titus takes your sheep and sends back the fat

    Oj alejandro alejandro
    Something is wrong with you
    You think you‘re big but you‘re truly small
    There are no more turkish pies made from golden roman wheat

    Oj alejandro alejandro
    You have a really bad flaw
    Cause fool, you have picked the wrong allies
    Oj alejandro alejandro
    What are you going to do now?
    Your beloved turks are dropping like flies

    Oj alejandro alejandro
    We warned you not to get involved
    But you wanted to become a hero
    Oj alejandro alejandro
    Maybe you don‘t know
    You have risen high but you will fall real low
    There are no more Turkish pies made from golden roman wheat.
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    4K Ultra HD no with 200% more distortions.
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    Dominican Republic, Puerto Plata

    "In the name of the father, and of the son, and of-"

    "Hello, Father Miguel."
    "Hello, my dear child."
    "Would you allow me a moment to speak with you?"
    "Absolutely. Go ahead."

    "Father, I've been meaning to speak to you about something."
    "About what, dear child?"
    "About The Order.
    "Oh, and what about them?"
    "We know who you are, Father. Your mission here is done."

    "Take him away boys. And Father, I'll be seeing you on your flight back to Zamara. And we'll be speaking to each other much more frequently."
    With the sending back of Father Miguel to the Order, the Dominican Republic War is completely over.
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    • October 24, 8:38 AM - Pink House, Autonomous City of Nuevo Buenos Aires •

    Early in the morning, President Usariaga watched and reacted to the video made by the buffoons of the Eurasian Pact.

    Alejandro: ...adorable.

    After contacting some of his staff, Alejandro called the Trinity Corporation headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. After talking with some of the Trinity personnel, he is transferred to a secured line with Trinity's CEO, miss Silvia Dawson.

    (amazing picture by Infab.)

    Alejandro: Good afternoon Miss Dawson, I'm president Alejandro Usariaga of the United Provinces of Argent, but I'm sure your people already informed you about me and the reason why I'm calling you at the moment.

    Silvia: Yes, yes. It seems the war in Turkey is dragging out, and you want to hire us to do a bit of dirty work. I figured Gecko would have had you covered, but it seems they've left you wanting more. They also tell me that you're offering a chance for us to do business inside the UPA.

    Alejandro: Straight to the point, good. Gecko is good at their job but they are young , I need more experienced companies like Penumbra, like yours. Miss Dawson, your company has a lot of renown and prestige among the many corporations across the globe, I want to hire Trinity to do some proper good, stopping the war is now my top priority, and I'm willing to pay Trinity to achieve this goal if necessary, as for the business... I've heard that you have amazing scientists and doctors, is that correct?

    Silvia: Indeed we do. Most at the top of their respective fields. Interested in medical technology? Cybernetics? Maybe even cloning tech?

    Alejandro: I think that's something that will be discussed more thoroughly, but I'm certainly interested on medical technology and cybernetics... but I'm not putting the cloning technology option aside, we will see what the budget allows... now Miss Dawson... I'd like to ask your humble opinion on the topic of the Turkish war, what do you think of the conflict itself? Do not worry for the answer, no matter what you say, I am set in saving the Turkish people no matter what and I'm sure that hiring your company is an important part to achieve that.

    Silvia: Well, as I've said before, its a bit of a shitshow. You have these zealots hellbent on basically carving out part of a sovereign nation as their own, killing anyone that disagrees with their twisted take on Christianity, deeming them heretics. And then you have the nutcases that support them. The sooner they're wiped from the face of the Earth, the better. Everyone else can move on with their lives.

    Alejandro: I'm glad we agree in that Miss Dawson, I can see my nation and your company working together for a good future, and you'll be pay-

    Silvia: hold on a minute mister Usariaga, I do have a proposition for you. I've heard rumors that you're running through money like crazy, paying for the war effort and these other PMCs to do things. I'm offering you a chance to save some money. Allow Trinity to build facilities in the UPA, and you won't have to pay a dime for our forces to assist in Turkey. It'll create jobs in the UPA, and bring more cash flowing into your economy. How does that sound?

    Alejandro stays quiet for a while.

    Silvia: Mister Usariaga?

    Alejandro: Yes, sorry... that's a... mighty decent offer of yours Miss Dawson, one that I'm to accept, I'll call you later so we can discuss any other details and I thank you for this opportunity.

    Silvia: No problem.
    Later that same day, CEO of Gecko, Catherine Lee was preparing herself to return to the United States after a long stay in the United Provinces.

    Marcelo: I hope you don't mind me visiting you from time to time at Dragon Ridge.

    Catherine: Of course I won't mind, but Dragon Ridge is nowhere near finished and the protest of the Alaskan citizens may hinder its progress.

    Marcelo: I'm sure you'll get that fixed up, so you are heading to San Francisco first?

    Catherine: Yes, I've to visit my grandfather.

    Marcelo: I'm sure you two will talk about planes for hours.

    Alejandro: Catherine?

    Catherine: Mister Usariaga, I'm heading back to the United States today, do not worry I'll stay in contact with your officials through the rest of the war.

    Alejandro: Don't worry, I was aware you were departing, I was starting to get used to see you here... [Alejandro rests his hand in Catherines shoulder] ...Catherine, can I have a word with you for a moment? in English.

    Catherine: Uhm, sure.

    Alejandro: Miss Lee I'll tell you this in English so nobody else picks on what I'm about to say -- I know by your actions the type of woman you are, you are not an frivolous being with a heart of ice and the facade of a serious and cold-heart CEO is to distance yourself from the job, and for that reason I feel like I need to tell you this... you are doing the right thing hiding who you really are, never show your true face to those who oppose you nor those around you, because if you do they'll think you are weak... instead, show it through your actions, show them that you're better than them.

    ...you are a good lady, Catherine.

    Catherine: ...Mister Usariaga, are you okay?

    Alejandro: Yes, Catherine, why?

    Marcelo: Uh... you are genuinely smiling, which even I thought it was impossible.

    Alejandro: ...Shut up Marcelo, and please take miss Lee and her staff to the airport.

    • Near Adana, Turkey •

    With Karaqi forces struggling to maintain control over the city of Adana, High Command in Ankara and Kars send more troops to aid the Turkish defenders in the city, UPA's Mapuche task force is sent with Turkish troops to aid them in combat against the Karaqi invaders.

    But not only Mapuche Task Force is heading to the Turkish city, the 4to movimiento de caballeria mecanica is going to unite with Gecko's 4th Battalion.
    • Bursa, Turkey •

    Forces in Bursa keep struggling with the forces of the Pact and its allies, despite the adamant leadership of Penumbra operatives, Turkish forces keep falling at the spearheaded assaults of Kergikstani forces and of the unknown group of insurgents, who according to High Command might be an unknown supporter of the E.R.R, UPA troops launch a violent offensive against Kergikstani and Order troops alongside the 2do movimiento de caballeria mecanica, while they struggle to push through the streets, they are putting a good fight with Kergikstan troops and the zealous Order.
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    The 4th fleet that's currently located in the North Sea, north of the Netherlands, today detached their LHD carriers along with multiple Alexander-Morgan Class destroyers. The ships set sail for the northern beaches of Leeuwaarden in the Netherlands, where they launched an attack.

    The invasion force's objective is to push through to the Leeuwaarden airbase and seize it by any means necessary.

    The 5th armoured battalion, which was brought ashore by the invasion force, pushing through makeshift Royal Netherlands Army defenses.
    Herrera declared war just after the invasion force arrived. Their reasons are unknown; it is widely suspected to derive from earlier tension with the refugee crisis. The Netherlands is now in a state of emergency.
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    August 2015
    784 Posts

    Meanwhile, on the border between Herrera and Belgium, mechanized infantry and tanks storm over Belgian defences, aided by Herreran air support and infantry. The 90th, 54th and 16th Regiments' initial assaults have gained massive traction, with Kortijik and Mons in their crosshairs.

    The powderkeg between Herrera and the Benelux has finally blown, and the CGM intends to follow its father country until the very end. War has been declared upon Belgium.

    Death before defeat.
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    Outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 24/10/17

    Papilon Solutions, PMC has slowly been shipping and preparing their newly acquired and slowly expanding fleet of Iveco LMVs, intended to replace their ageing fleet of HWMVV utility vehicles in most roles.

    Freshly delivered LMVs are inspected by Papilon Personell at a materiel storage facility somewhere in Brazil.

    Contractors in Europe practicing a variety of Close Protection techniques using newly acquired LMVs.
    It is likely that the ageing HMWVV fleet, now being relegated to various materiel storage sites, will soon be auctioned off to new owners. In the meantime, Papilon contractors will continue to familiarize themselves with the new platform as it enters general service across the company. This motorpool update no doubt spells further activity from the PMC as the year comes to an end.
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    April 2017
    53 Posts

    New Democratic Crimean Republic

    Above Left: N.D.C.R Flag
    Above Middle: N.D.C.R Coat of Arms
    Above Right: The N.D.C.R on the map.

    Founded: Roman Empire (1st, 2nd, and 3rd Centuries)
    Crimean Khanate (1441-1783)
    Russian Empire (1783-1917)
    Crimean People's Republic (1917-1918)
    Soviet Union (1921-1991)
    New Democratic Crimean Republic (January 29, 1999)

    Population: 2.28 Million
    1.5 Million Available for Service
    1.0 Million Fit for Service
    250,000 Active Personnel
    1,000+ Active Personnel (Crimean Foreign Legion)
    300,000 Reserve
    Unknown amounts of Vehicles
    Unknown amounts of Aircrafts
    No Naval Vessels (WIP)

    Motto: Свобода требует жертвоприношения (Freedom Demands Sacrifice)

    Capital: Sevastopol, Crimea

    Known Engagements: Crimean War (1853-1856)
    Russian Civil War (1917-1921)
    Liberation of Crimea Movement (1980-1991)

    The Democratic Crimean Republic is a country in Eastern Europe, making use of a Constitutional Federal Republic form of government, where political parties represent the people and military in Kongress and make a majority of decisions. There are three branches of government: Executive (President), Judicial (Supreme Court), and Legislative (Kongress). These three branches work on a similar system of checks & balances seen by the United States, but Kongress determines declarations of war, agreements, pacts, etc. The country's neighbors are the Tsardom of Volhynia, Ukraine, Russia, Romania, the Eastern Roman Republic, and Turkey. The N.D.C.R's capital is located in Sevastopol, with a population of 2.28 million. There are three major political parties in Kongress: the Pro-Government Democratic Party, the Pro-Popular Sovereignty Republican Party, and the Pro-Military Party. The Pro-Military Party currently dominates Kongress with the most members, which means that the military is getting a lot of love. The N.D.C.R is known for well equipped and well trained troops, advanced armored vehicles, and advanced airpower. Military service is mandatory three years (with an officer education exception) in any branch of service due to the implementation of the Mandatory Universal Conscription Act (MUCA). Although it's not without its negatives: there currently is no Navy, which severely limits the N.D.C.R's force projection as well as protection, even though the N.D.C.R is working to construct naval ships.

    Above: N.D.C.R military propaganda with the captions "Freedom Demands Sacrifice" and "Serve Your Three Now!"

    Above: CPT. Merrick Jäger (Credit to Kommandant4298 for letting me use his faction as some backstory for my first new faction OC! Give him some love!)

    N.D.C.R Official ESPW Wiki Page
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    Trinity forces finally arrive in Turkey to support the UPA forces alongside rival corporations Gecko and Penumbra. Currently, Trinity Tactical and Sniper teams are en route towards Anakara, while other infantry and armored divisions are proceeding to Bursa to assist the UPA and Gecko. Intelligence operators (Mk3 Type 3s) are being deployed to the area as well.

    New Trinity stealth aircraft have been approved for use in the operations in Turkey, and are set to make an appearance in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, Trinity's recently built Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer, the TNV Dawn, is proceeding into the Mediterranean Sea en route to the Turkish coastline.

    A Trinity Tactical team, assisted by a Mk3 Type 2 armed with a shoulder mounted .50 caliber sniper rifle, arrives via VTOL.
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    November 2015
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    Novohrad-Volynskyi, Ukraine..

    Today the Volhynian invasion force in Novohrad, broke through the Ukrainians position in the western part of the town, and advanced further into the town, weakening the Ukrainians defences. Paratroopers that was surrounded by the Ukrainians was finally rescued aswell. Around fifty paratroopers from the 2nd Volhynian Airmobile Brigade was rescued, but around ten is presumed taken prisoner or killed. Even though having been hiding for days without supplies, then they were sent right into fighting again, causing low morale in their unit.

    Volhynian soldiers moving through the streets Novohrad-Volynskyi with the support of a Leopard Tank.

    A group of tired Volhynian paratroopers patrolling somewhere near Novohrad-Volynskyi.

    A squad of Volhynian soldiers and a paratrooper(far left) taking a break from fighting, so they can patch their comrade up.
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    Istanbul,turkey, FOB Charlie

    After the FC Released the Video along with its Spam virus links Kergikstan recreation computers have been infected with soldiers reporting 4 Infected and 3 was bricked.
    Kergikstan, Atyrau

    At the homefront protests on the turkey war especially the shooting of the Provincial Red cross workers. Kergikstan has declared curfew, civil defence and the reformed metropolitian police force started raiding homes belonging to protest leaders with one raid accidentally interrupting a twitch streamer.
    United states, Anchorage

    Kergikstan Team 2 operatives are preparing for intel gathering with team 1 and Order operatives, while team 1 was embedded with Order operatives as protest antagonizers, Team 2 arrived to just scout and are ordered not to do anything and just relax, sit back and wait for further instructions.
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    Ask me about my 'female train' fetish.
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    Finally posting up, would have included more content but my Gmod is being difficult to work with.

    Valhalla International is a multi-national corporate group with a vast business portfolio. The main company headquarters is located in Fallnakrigaresö, an archipelago off the coast of Norway.

    They are suspected to be responsible for the funding and supply of the Serpents of Midgard terrorist group.

    Most of Valhalla's employees do not know of the connection to the Serpents of Midgard or what their jobs are responsible for. Therefore please consider most of Valhalla to be regular civilians when conducting actions against them. Valhalla is effectively the "bad guy" in every James Bond/Spy movie, and while they will present a progressive and expansive aura they are very much seeking to bring about the end of the world. They have a limited security force currently but over time this'll build up. Eventually when their true colours show who knows what will happen? http://espionage-wars.wikia.com/wiki..._International

    The Serpents of Midgard are a terrorist organisation that are primarily active in Europe but have a global influence, their intention is the bring about the prophesied Ragnarök (The end of the world). They are suspected to be funded by Valhalla International.

    Meta: The Serpents of Midgard do not know of their connection to Valhalla International. The cell that may be conducting an operation may be given tasks, equipment and supplies without being told of any reasoning behind it. They are free to be played by ANY player of Espionage Wars provided they are doing something that would be considered detrimental to human development. http://espionage-wars.wikia.com/wiki...nts_of_Midgard


    The Fallnakrigaresö are an archipelago off the western coast of Norway. They are a province, county and municipality of Sweden. This location is open to all factions should they choose to move there, invade, what have you.
    More information can be found here: http://espionage-wars.wikia.com/wiki/Fallnakrigareso
    Please note that while Valhalla will be building superweapons and the SoM will be attacking both NPCs and Players they are entirely stoppable. This is not another Vice Union move, if no factions discover their current plot I will have a GM get an NPC faction to foil it. I will attempt to post up multiple images relating to different places and try to hint at a particular country that is being targeted, if you wish to investigate it then you may do so and I am happy to provide you with addtional "intel" that you can acquire. Do note these are terrorists, they can fail attacks as much as they win them and since ALL players can use the SoM I hope to see quite a bit of chaos brewing.

    Now onto content.

    Umeå, Sweden
    Valhalla International announced today that after several months of debate they were finally able to negotiate the purchase of failing Swedish energy producer SWEGen. In an unprecedentented move they have announced the release of a portion of shares for public purchase while announcing intentions to push for renewable green and nuclear energy generation.

    Erikshamn, Fallnakrigaresö
    A Valhalla Security Force squad takes an early morning patrol through the busy harbour as early morning fishermen prepare for work.

    Kyoto, Sovereign States of Honshu, Japan
    A Serpents of Midgard cell quietly hack into an old Towerlight server to plant a bug while attempting to avoid detection.
    "Hurry up, I can see a security guard coming."
    "Nearly there, it's struggling to connect to the Yggdrasil network- "

    Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
    The Serpents of Midgard assault a hospital where a prominent HIV scientist is working executing several floors of patients and torching a children's ward as they kidnap her.

    Avignon Airport, France
    A French Army C-130 is hijacked by a group of Serpents of Midgard members as it finishes refueling at a small airport.

    Paris, France
    French Hazmat deal with the aftermath of a bio-terrorist attack in Paris. With 66 confirmed dead and 127+ injured police warn that the told could rise greatly due to the discovery of Anthrax spores. It appears to have been two bombings one to cause mass fatalities and one to infect first responders and bystanders. While no group has yet claimed responsibility the French President has announced a state of emergency.
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    Paris, France

    In the wake of the devastating biological terror attacks in the Parisian subway, Tacticus Solutions has issued a Tactical Alert for all of its personnel. Corporate personnel are to account for themselves and security personnel are to report for immediate duty.

    TS CEO Johannes Sandstrom has pledged the company's full support to help the French government in assessing the situation, cleaning it up, and finding those responsible to face justice. Johannes also made calls to Trinity Corp and Papilon Solutions to assist in the effort to find the culprits.

    Above: A sullen Johannes talking with his chief of security.
    Parisian Subways

    Tacticus Solutions Mark 8 Crusader UGVs have been deployed in the subway tunnels to check the extent of the damage from the attack, as well as locate any remaining or undetonated explosives left behind by the perpetrators.

    Above: TS Mk 8 Crusaders armed with special equipment moving near one of the 'dead cars' caught in the attack.
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    In response to Sandstrom's call for assistance, Simon van der Linde is briefed on the situation by his aide as they proceed to Galeão-Antônio Carlos Jobim International Airport, intending to catch a flight to Papilon's European Regional HQ, where he will prepare the necessary arrangements ahead of meeting Sandstrom at the Tacticus HQ in France.
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    Bursa Outskirts, Turkey
    To help break the deadlock, 30 Raptor Teams have been deployed to the surrounding region on classified missions. As the conflict drags on ever further, Gecko have decided to use the conflict as a testing ground for vehicles, as such Hydra has been supplied 20 UH-80 Stealthhawks for the Raptor teams for evaluation.

    In other news, Dragon City Shipyards are prepared to Launch the first Santa Fe Attack submarine SSN-01 Santa Fe for the UPA navy within the next week, marking the first ship to roll off the production line by the Conglomerate. Leviathan's construction has been put on hold due to prioritization of building for the UPA.
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    While the Mechanized Marine forces have secured a line stretching from Mersin to Ceyhan, the airborne troops in Adana have set up strategical pocket defense positions incase of a counter attack. Meanwhile the motorized marines in Adana are rooting out the crumbling pockets of resistance, FEK field command expects Adana to be cleared out within a week unless a Turkish counter attack is launched.

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    April 2017
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    Competition Begins

    As Vladimir Zadornov's second and final term for presidency begins to come to a close, four politicians step up to the plate. These politicians have begun their political campaigns as they race to get the most supporters to grab the oval office.

    Above (from left to right): Joseph Maljek, Telmarine Vancer, Artyom Zadornov, and Guslav Orlek.

    Jospeh Maljek
    Political Orientation: Far Left; Communist
    Political Campaign: Joseph preaches the words of Communism (not openly obvious). A sizeable number of the population are Civilians, and he seeks to gain their support to gain office. He promises to abolish MUCA to allow more freedom of education and creating the economy so it's more equal and eliminating the capitalist element of the economy. Because he's a Communist, he hates all nations who do not believe in Communism. He has also openly stated that he would offer military aid to the Socialist Republic of Herzegovina if he won office, to help "free the Herzegovinians from the iron grip of the capitalist pigs hiding out in neighboring Bosnia."
    Ulterior Motives: He does not plan to remove MUCA at all. He wishes to make it more absolute instead. If he wins, he plans to kill everyone in Kongress and establish himself as the absolute ruler of the N.D.C.R (dictator) and transform the Republic into an invincible Communist state by discarding the advanced weapons and vehicles that the Republic owns and go back to the old ways; bringing back Cold War-era vehicles and weapons as well as tactics (mass-produced and cheap firearms, tanks, and massive waves of conscripts). Not only this, but declare war on the Tsardom of Volhynia, annihilate them, take Ukraine for himself, and flex his mighty muscles at the Pact (if he gets the chance).

    Telmarine Vancer
    Political Orientation: Left; Democrat
    Political Campaign: Being much more lenient than his radical left-wing competitor, he wants to bring more government control in the private sector and into the lives of the population, especially Citizens. He also wants to start cracking down a lot more on tourists, refugees, and foreigners trying to get into the country; make it harder for them to get in to deter terrorists and to root out spies. He also says that he will ban MUCA and cut military funding, instead putting the money more into public services like education and whatnot. Because he's more on government control, he wants to open relations with their soon-to-be neighbors, the Tsardom of Volhynia, and the rest of the Eurasian Pact.
    Ulterior Motives: In order to seriously crack down on spies and illegals, as well as terrorists, he wants surveillance EVERYWHERE. This heavily infringes on the populations rights, but he'll do what he can to achieve this goal. In addition to this, he also wants to give border, airport, and port guards more freedoms in conducting searches on random persons whom they deem suspicious, which ALSO infringes on foreigners rights. Again, he'll do what he can to achieve this goal.

    Artyom Zadornov
    Political Orientation: Right; Republican
    Political Campaign: Artyom is Vladimir's smarter twin brother. When he suspected he figured out Telmarine's ulterior motives, he took action. Unlike his brother, he is against the military, and wants to ban MUCA and cut a major portion of funding for the military and put it to better use for public services. He doesn't want the government doing things that will infringe upon the populace, especially the private sector, which is the lifeblood of the economy. He is very Laissez-faire about the government interfering with the private sector. He is also very against government invasion of the population's private lives. He also wants border, airport, and port checkpoints more lax to improve relations to anybody trying to get in or visit. He has also stated that he will do something about the AWA if he gets elected for office.
    Ulterior Motives: He wants to undermine government control on the population, but not to the point of chaos and anarchy. He also won't do anything about the AWA.

    Guslav Orlek
    Political Orientation: Pro-Military
    Political Campaign: Like many of his Pro-Military counterparts before him, he has promised to keep MUCA and to keep a large amount of funds directed towards the military to keep the country safe from what he believes is a rising threat known as the E.R.R. But unlike his predecessors, he is much more willing to make compromises between the Democrats and the Republicans. He has stated that if he is elected to office, he will keep them neutral and out of the Eurasian Pact as well as send troops into Bosnia to help the government regain control of the now Communist region of Herzegovina. He has also stated that he will do everything in his power to try and help rid the world of the cancer of the AWA as well as a new threat known as the Serpents of Midgard.
    Ulterior Motives: NONE
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    Paris, France

    Tacticus HQ hosts the entourages of three seperate companies today as they join in unison to discuss hunting down those responsible for the bioterror attack in France last week.

    Papilon Solutions has put in a request to deploy contractors on French soil should they be needed, but is for the time being relegating themselves to intelligence gathering in the European sphere. Operational Commander Simon van der Linde will remain on site along with a small intelligence and support team for as long as Tacticus allows, to allow the setting up of a central intelligence hub that the three companies can share.
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    January 2012
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    Drydock 2, Dragon city Shipyards
    Alaska, USA

    With only a few days away, Gecko Executives and UPA officials are flying in to the developing city to begin the Celebrate the Launching Ceremony of the Argentinian's first Submarine as well as the Corporation's first Vessel to roll off the production line. Due to the recent string of attacks, Security has been stepped up a notch with the entire facility on high alert until the ceremony is over.
    UC Medical Center, Fort Collins
    Colorado, USA

    In response to this heinous act of wanton violence, Gecko has launched it's own investigation into those responsible for the kidnapping and massacre. Hydra has set up a 20 man Task force to investigate this mysterious group and their motive. As a gesture of good will, Gecko has Donated over 20 Punisher APCs to various Police departments across the State.
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    August 2015
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    Belgium, Kortijik Outskirts

    It has been weeks since the war in Belgium and the Netherlands began. What was once thought to be a quick war in the summer, has been delayed to the winter. Their troops, not adapted to such conditions, are getting the short end of the stick. Instead of mobile warfare, the mechanized infantry are forced to rely on the artilleryman and pilots to demolish Belgian defensive positions, both partisan and military.

    Though most of the troops that have not seen much of the enemy as yet, such as those in Northern Belgium, their campaign simply seems like a training exercise in foreign lands. But for how long this pattern will continue is to be revealed as the war progresses.

    Rumours of winter clothing shipments for the troops in Belgium have begun to emerge, but have all been either dismissed, or denied.
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    F T
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    Even though Gecko has arrived to simply investigate the cause of the Fort Collins terror attack, their Hydra operatives have come under the watch of the Children of God. Even though CoG does not know who these mysterious operators are, they still do not appreciate them venturing so close to the heart of their operations and the birthplace of their entire species. Colorado is considered to be the home of all the Androsynth, thus it is considered by them to be sacred ground, and due to city they originate from being very close in proximity to Fort Collins, they have kept a very close eye on the operatives as they tread on their home unannounced and uninvited. Whether they will sabotage Gecko's efforts or even attack them outright due to their flagrant intrusion upon their home remains to be seen.
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