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    April 2017
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    On page 8 RosaWeyland explains how to extract assets from Halo 5, just don't make the mistake I did and stop reading before the complete in depth explination. Or. You could head over to the 405th and download the models from "Art Andrews"; however, the textures on the 405th are low rez, so I'd just recommend extracting them yourself with the instructions from Xentax.

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    Various elites.
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    I always really digged the Reach Elites. Especially the Minor.

    Originally I did think that the Halo 4 Elite designs were to some extent inspired by the Reach elites but they still looked wrong to me.

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    November 2017
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    Thanks for the help masterj. I'm having a tough time finding any of the tutorials you mentioned though...link please? I'd like to steer clear of the 405th and not have to mess with upscaling textures.

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    April 2017
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    https://goo.gl/718QT5 On page 8 Rosa explains everything, PM me if you have any struggles.

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    November 2012
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    I'd say that the only change I'd make is to add a slight bit more dirt and discoloration to the green. At least, make it less regular.
    Definitely looks better (I'll try tuning it up a little more)

    Dang AbiSB now it really looks like the H2A Chief excellent work!

    The edge-wear is a bit much, it should be a little more like the original texture where there's not as much of it, and it's more subtle so that it blends better

    Also, the indents on the visor shouldn't be the shapes themselves, but the dark lines that make up the shapes

    Judging by the texture and the bump map from Halo 3, it seems pretty flat, but the outlines are where the visor indents
    I tried to go more with the H2A and promotional material for the edges, as I think it looks more like metal. As for the helmet I really didn't notice until now that the in-game visor had indented lines and not shapes, as you told. Curiously almos all media and even H2A portray the visor with the hole shapes recessed. IMO it doesn't look all that different.

    The rigging is almost done. However Renegade20 told he wanted to improve the shading and maybe rigging...
    (picture of a really bad throw away pose I made)
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    October 2017
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    Anyone know if the dog tags Six holds at the start of Exodus in Reach are a model that can be ported to SFM? If so, anyone willing to upload it to something like the workshop or sfmlab? I was hoping to use them for a project.

    I've also searched those sites for a Halo: Reach wraith, but haven't had much luck finding one.

    Less important, but I'm curious if SFM/Gmod versions of Reach's civilians and farmers exist out there somewhere. Seems like civilian models of any type (from any game) are hard to come by.

    Definitely looks better (I'll try tuning it up a little more)

    That is one sexy Chief. Wish he looked like that in Halo 4! At least until he reached the Infinity.

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    April 2017
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    Is anybody aware of a second ranger variant in Halo 5? Currently sorting through the textures and I have no idea what the name of its supposed varient is. Anybody ever heard of this?