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    Espionage is sent. A few nuggets of information for you:

    1. Turns are due Friday the 7th at midnight EST. The more I can get in this weekend, the better. I will have a 4-day weekend for 'Murrika Day so I can do a lot then if I get turns early.

    2. The UN will be open for resolutions until through this Friday the 30th. This way everyone can incorporate the results into their turn.

    3. You probably noticed that it took a while to get this turn out. The reason for that is that I have a full-time job now, and because I had some family stuff going on over the last few weeks. The next one won't take as long because I won't have the latter holding me back, but to be sure of it I will be limiting turns to 10 lines plus your three tech choices from this point on. This is as much to keep the pace of the game as it is for my own sanity, since there are a dozen of you.

    4. If I told you about my plan to cancel the RP on turn 10, it's just a #prank bro. I'm feeling a lot better about my ability to carry this one (to the heat death of the universe if interest remains) after getting stuff done last weekend. If you want to know what I was planning on doing for my next RP, feel free to inquire within. I actually had several ideas, including one complete OP.

    5. We have Wiki pages now! And there was much rejoicing.
    Damien is a very improtsnt person and if you. don't thank him i will ban you
       why do i remember that post   
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    Ambassador Türkekul Kurttekin's speech to the UN general assembly:

    In recent months, the nations and their representatives assembled here have no doubt heard of the wave of terror that has gripped the Turkish nation. To those who aided us: I thank you, and to those who have aided our enemy, and sponsored extremists, radicals and terrorists across our proud nation, killing innocents and the defenseless, we defy you. To the killers of Necla Orta, a mother of five in Alanya, Haci Sahin, a four year old boy who happened to be riding his bike near an unattended bag in Samsun, or Temel Vural, a young recruit into our army who was beheaded while on leave in Istanbul, we will find you, and we will bring you to justice.

    I wish we could simply blame this on Al Qaeda, on these radicals and terrorists, and as we have in times back, unify as an organization and march together against these harbingers of evil. These times are not so simple however, as, despite our greatest wishes and in confirmation of our deepest fears, we have found that this is not the action of a group of individuals living in the darkness of our more civilized society, but of a fellow member of this organization. Not only a member, but one of the founding leaders of this United Nations.

    Today, the Peace at Home Council presents evidence, supplied from countless hours of work, effort and blood on behalf of the National Intelligence Organization (MİT), the Armenian National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia (NSS), the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and the Egyptian General Intelligence Directorate (GID), that implicated the Eurasian Union and its leaders in funding terrorism in Turkey and abroad. While we presently have no evidence linking Eurasia to the nuclear attacks on our friends in America and China, which claimed the lives of thousands, we will present the information to the members of this council and ask that they, so they say, connect the dots.

    The evidence presented here confirms Eurasia as a terror state, a nation hellbent on increasing its own power, which has gleefully destroyed the lives of the meek and innocent to attain more strength.

    Eurasian Attack on Turkish Economy:
    After the cyber attack on the Turkish stock-market, members of the MİT and NSS both worked to trace back the attacks. While both organizations were unable to locate the source, they were able to match the code (and attackers) with those that had previously attacked markets in the former People's Republic of China (one of Eurasia's two potential rivals (including the United States) and one of the two victims of nuclear terrorism (including the United States)). Independent assistance from defectors from the Chinese Ministry of State Security led to a discovery that the Chinese had successfully traced the attack back to Eurasia, but had decided against disclosing the information to the rest of the world.
    Transportation of Somali Extremists:
    During the international intervention in Somalia, an (unnamed for personal security) Egyptian army officer, training with members of the Egyptian GID, spotted Eurasian POW transports moving towards a temporary airfield built by the Eurasian military built by members of the Eurasian army in Somalia.
    The officer concluded it was a POW transport due to the vehicles carrying several dozen enemy combatants, however, he reported that they were unrestrained and carrying automatic weapons (magazines removed).
    Somali Extremists Attack Turkey:
    The MİT immediately discovered after the beginning of the attacks that most of the attacks were being committed by Al-Qaeda terrorists that were last seen in Somalia shortly before the UN intervention or who had contacted Al-Qaeda members there. The MİT, along with independent investigators, failed to find any reason for the spark in Kurdish extremism as well, with members of the Kurdish State as well as the independent nation of Kurdistan both agreeing that the Kurdistan Freedom Hawks were unlikely to have organically grown as an organization.
    Source of Funding to Extremists Traced to Eurasia:
    Further investigation in the following months, after the attack on Turkey was quelled by Turkey and her allies, discovered that Eurasian shell companies tied to Eurasian state oil organizations had purchased tickets and accommodation for terror suspects en route to Turkey before the attacks.
    The same organizations were found to have bought and offloaded Turkish stocks in coordination with the attack on the Turkish economy. The organizations were found to be shells, only existing on paper and in name, but all have ties to Eurasia's leaders and closest supporters.
    The Peace at Home Council takes no joy in this announcement, and wishes only that in these times of darkness, the forces of good will unify against such evil. To this end, the Peace at Home Council, along with NATO, the East Entente, and with backing primarily from the United States, Egypt, and Armenia, will immediately cease all trade with Eurasia, and begin pursuing any and all means to stop the Eurasian menace from further terror across the world. As per the Montreux Convention Regarding the Regime of the Straits, Turkey is allowed to close the Bosporus and Dardanelles straits to all ships, military and merchant, from a nation at war with Turkey or threatening its national security. To this end, the Turkish navy, as well as forces on the land and air, and with assistance from the US Navy and Marine Corps, will now ensure the blocking of the passage to all ships coming to or from Eurasia.

    We urge all nations of the UN to join us in our sanctions. Anyone who fears for their economy will be able to find new friends and new business partners in these allied nations, and anyone fearing for their security and well being can find this in NATO, or, if unable to pursue this road, then in the East Entente, which Turkey and the assembled member states opens to all who fear the Eurasian devil.

    To Eurasia: If you wish for this to end, and to return to peace with your fellow man, then we present these demands:

    1. Pay reparations for those killed in the terrorist attacks in Turkey and for money lost in the economic attacks

    2. End the sponsoring of terror groups worldwide

    3. Immediately hold referendums in the member states of Eurasia, with UN monitoring, on whether they wish to remain in the Eurasian Union or be independent and free

    4. Withdraw from Somalia and abandon all airbases there

    5. Open up all Eurasian intelligence and government organizations to UN investigators to confirm the extent of Eurasian terror sponsorship
    Thank you.

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    It has been a year since the new Treaty of Nuclear non-Proliferation has been signed and the failure of 3 states to sign and ratify the treaty is alarming. For that purpose, as put forward by Article X of the treaty, we hereby suggest the following draft for a UN Security Council resolution, because it is very important to strengthen monitoring and verification systems and allow nuclear watchdogs to inspect any facility anytime anywhere in the world, to prevent any more tragedies from occurring.
    UN Security Council Resolution No. 1429

    The Security Council, acting under the UN Charter and the Article X of the NPT,

    1- Demands, Indochina, North Korea and Iran to immediately open up to IAEA inspectors all their nuclear facilities in order to determine that they are, in fact not in the process of acquiring nuclear weapons.

    2- Urges, the above mentioned states to sort their differences, and be parties of the NPT as soon as possible.

    3- Requires, If the above mentioned conditions are not met, all party states to exercise vigilance and prevent the transfer of any items, materials, good and technology that could contribute to Iran's, North Korea's or Indochina's enrichment-related and reprocessing activities and ballistic missile programmes, as well as sanction individuals and entities deemed to be providing support for these countries' proliferation-related activities.
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    UN Security Council Resolution No. 1430
    Sponsored by the United States of America
    With recent evidence linking Eurasian ties to terrorist groups, the US proposes the following.

    1. The Eurasian Federation open its intelligence agencies to screenings and investigation by UN authorities

    2. The Eurasian Federation halt all activities(i.e movements, attacks, etc. [not including stations]) regarding military for the duration of the investigation

    3. The Eurasian Federation will halt production of all fissile materials for the duration of the investigation.

    4. Upon conclusion of the investigation, the investigation committee are to report their findings to the UN General Assembly for proper judgement.
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    My god you guys are paranoid.

    I have iterated in almost every turn since I started developing nuclear power that my plants, plans, scientists, and infrastructure have been open to international inspection before even the first shovel was put into the ground to lay a foundation

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    Turns are now due Saturday.

    I Have

    Like 5 USAs

    I Need

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        so uh its too late to join in right    

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        so uh its too late to join in right    
    Unfortunately I am more or less at my limit, this RP got a lot bigger than I was expecting. I will let you know if a slot opens up after this turn, though.
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    Out of the bottom of my tiny, tiny heart I have found the kindness to give you an extension until tomorrow night. Iran is warned that missing two consecutive turns will mean having that slot opened for Zanzibar RockmanYoshi. I'm hoping to get the turn out before I go to New York in two weeks, but I can't delay for much longer and also do that.
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    intro music

    Turn 10 Preview: Dire Straits

    Excerpt from BBC World Service Broadcast, 15 September 2004

    Good evening and thanks for tuning into Newshour with me, Tim Franks. It’s one o’clock here in London and three in the afternoon in Istanbul where our main story comes from today. It has been a month now since Egypt closed the Suez to military vessels from all non-AU nations, prompting outrage from not only Her Majesty’s government but indeed from most nations using the canal. Yesterday, however, we learned of an even greater escalation involving another of the world’s great shipping lanes. For that story, we turn to Orla Guerin, who is in Istanbul to cover the growing tensions between Turkey and Eurasia.

    Guerin In conflict after conflict from the fall of Constantinople to the Battle of Gallipoli, the control of the Turkish Straits has been a subject of hot contention between world powers seeking to influence this vital connection between the Mediterranean and Black Seas. After the signing of the Montreux Convention in 1936, the Turkish government agreed that the straits would be open to all nations possessing coastline on the Black Sea.

    Yesterday night, however, that all changed. After revelations about potential Eurasian involvement in the wave of terrorism taking place over the last year, tensions between Turkey and Eurasia are quickly becoming untenable. In spite of Eurasian complicity with a variety of demands made by both Turkey and the international community, including their ability to inspect intelligence archives, it seems all trust has collapsed. Elections have been delayed yet again, and it seems that both countries are on an undeclared warpath. The latest dramatic move by the ruling Peace at Home Council has been to shutter the straits to all Eurasian shipping, military and civilian. In doing so, they have violated the aforementioned Montreux Convention regulating traffic on the straits. However, as Eurasia is quickly becoming a pariah state in the eyes of the West, it seems the junta is convinced they will receive international backing in this initiative. We talked to General Kıvrıkoğlu himself, and this is what he had to say on the matter:

    Kıvrıkoğlu The Turkish Republic has alway maintained the right to close the Bosphorus to invaders and hostile powers. The Eurasians are waging a silent, undeclared war in which they ship terrorists to our soil and attempt to undermine our government and economy. Just because this isn’t a declared conflict doesn’t mean it is not happening. By restricting the movements of this hostile power, we have the means to force them to the negotiating table, and finally bring the “Peace at Home, and Peace in the World” that Atatürk, and this administration of national salvation, have always stood for.

    Guerin Here in Istanbul today, that peace seems only more and more distant. The government is aiming to turn this relatively cosmopolitan city of some seventeen million into a fortress, seeing it as the beating heart of Turkey, one that is constantly threatened by the dagger of terrorism, or perhaps another Gallipoli- though this time, it would come from the other direction. To achieve the goal of making this city a fortress straddling Europe and Asia, they’ve taken the help of the American government, and specifically the US Marine Corps. Lieutenant Barton of the Marines met us at the ruins of the Byzantine-era Riva Castle to discuss how the new, modern fortifications are shaping up.

    Barton Well, it’s a hell of a setup we’ve got going in here. Nobody’s going to be getting close to Istanbul without the permission of NATO and the East Entente, not without all kindsa hellfire comin’ down on ‘em. Just yonder on the horizon there you can see several oil-rig lookin’ things. Those are our new Integrated Defense Platforms. They’re decked out with radar, surrounded with Sonobuoy emplacements, and bristling with Harpoon anti-ship missiles and Aegis ashore AA and ABM batteries. Well, I s’pose they ain’t really ashore, but you catch my drift. Whole bunch of other stuff is goin’ on, but that’s all classified.

    Guerin What isn’t classified is the heavy Turkish military presence within the city itself. After the wave of terrorist attacks that took a major toll on the civilian population, heavily armed soldiers assisted by armored vehicles monitor the major street corners and frequently go door to door on euphemistically-named “house calls” to root out suspected terrorist cells and Eurasian spies. We discussed the situation with a group of Turkish conscripts who were off duty.

    Guerin Excuse me, does one of you speak English? We’re with the BBC, can you tell us about the situation with Eurasia?

    Turkish Conscript Stink Russians think they can come terrorist our country. They wrong. Ahaha Putin we will get you!!! Eliminate borscht from the Europe. Borscht has worst stink, I can smell it every time terrorist come to Istanbul. That is what makes our old people sick, not virus from Kazakhstan, it is stink of Russian pig coming into our country.

    Another Turkish Conscript Putin we will crush you! Your Gang of Eleven, not real gangsters like Tupac. Tupac alive in Turkey. He make fast rap for us. Turkey best country!
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    Turk posted:
    virus from Kazakhstan

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    Abraham Lincoln posted:
    I have not permitted myself, gentlemen, to conclude that I am the best man in the country; but I am reminded, in this connection, of a story of an old Dutch farmer, who remarked to a companion once that it was not best to swap horses when crossing streams.
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    Pictured: Al Gore celebrating his election victory, 2004
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    Gore [the sfw kind]


    Nazbol Gang
    Gaddafi Lite
    the Euroreich
    rice farmers
    The Kebab Team™
    Brazilian Board of Tourism
    the recently-renamed Französische Republik
    Kenya believe it's not butter?
    credit ratings
    mapparoni & cheese
    undercover tactical fuckfests
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