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    January 2014
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    Hey guys! I want to make a content pack for a server, and want to condense multiple addons into a single pack for download onto the workshop, so people don't have to download 50 individual addons. How do I go about doing this?

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    March 2010
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    You can create a collection then people can go into said collection and click "subscribe to all".

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    June 2017
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    January 2014
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    I don't mean like that. I mean like a single thing to subscribe to, that just includes the addons.

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    April 2014
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    All you needed to do is Google it in order.

    First subscribe to all addons.

    Q) How do you extract a gma?
    A) Drag each gma file onto gmad.exe, in the Harrisburg bin folder.

    Q) How do you merge them all?
    A) Copy the extracted contents into the same folder.

    Q) How do I upload to workshop?
    A) Follow: https://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/Workshop_Addon_Creation
    Creating a new addon.

    Q) I've created and it's finally uploaded the new addon but it's not visible to the public.
    A) Browse to your steam workshop, my files, open your addon and make it public in the right hand side.

    Q) How do I make the server use it?
    A) For the server make a collection, get a steam dev id and then subscribe to it.

    Q) How do I get the client's to download it upon join?
    A) Add this line somewhere on the server's initialisation.

    Q) Why are you so handsome?
    A) I was born this way.

    Please note, every time you update an addon - everyone will need to redownload the entire thing. I also urge you not to put too many addons in the same file. Keep it reasonably sized, a lot of people with Garrysmod have terrible net still. Merging workshop addons do not really speed it up alot.

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    February 2005
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    I don't mean like that. I mean like a single thing to subscribe to, that just includes the addons.
    Take all of the materials, models, etc out of all of your used addons into one or more big addons.