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    July 2010
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    Legit no joke, Superman 64.
    I got that, smash brothers, and paper Mario for Christmas, and I booted up Superman first.
    Couldn't beat the singleplayer, heck couldn't beat the first level. The multiplayer was somewhat fun to play, but paper Mario was my favorite.

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    March 2017
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    Lego Island
    yeah this shit was dope, I spent so long with my brother playing this as a child
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    December 2005
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    The first PC game I played was Bubble bobble, The first game that struck a chord in me was Half-life at the age of 5. God I loved playing around in black mesa... Before the aliens came.. That shit was too real!

    So I managed to reload the game and took the train ride and fucked with the scientists in an endless loop.

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    April 2011
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    Full Tilt Pinball - Space Cadet
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    February 2006
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    Mine was Duke Nukem, which was the very first one, at age five. I think it was on Windows 3.1, which is very old computer specs.

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    March 2011
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    Diablo 2

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    October 2009
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    Jazz Jackrabbit
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    January 2013
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    Let's Explore The Farm With Buzzy The Knowledge Bug

    i shit you not

    first entertainment game was Half-Life i think

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    September 2008
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    Lemmings on MS-DOS. Seriously. My dad had a 386 computer complete with floppy Floppy Drive (5.25 inch I think?). He had several games for it including the original Sim City and a pinball game called Tristan, but Lemmings was the first game I personally played on a computer.


    Looking over the article I'm also pretty sure I've played the game James Davenport is talking about, but have no idea what it was called. His description sounds incredibly familiar.
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    August 2010
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    Delta Force, Settlers 3, Fifa 97, Moto Racer 2 in this order are the games i've played when me and my family got our 1st PC which included these games.

    TO go even earlier, the 1st game i've played was Forbidden Forest on C64    and it made me fear spiders   

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    January 2015
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    Half-life and opposing force.

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    July 2013
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    Opposing Force is about as early as I remember, but I think I played Doom shareware before that.

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    July 2006
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    Putt-putt goes to the moon

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    this link changes
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    April 2012
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    Age of Empires.

    I got it in a box of cereal.

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    December 2011
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    The earliest game I remember playing was Speedy Eggbert, on my dad's PC.

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    July 2013
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    It was either Doom or Wolfenstein 3D.

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    May 2011
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    Red Alert II and IL-2 Sturmovik are the earliest I can remember.

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    July 2007
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    Barbie Riding Club.

    Nice of PCGamer to make a fast thread for us.
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    November 2005
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    Barbie Riding Club.

    Nice of PCGamer to make a fast thread for us.
    Should move it to where it belongs then.

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    January 2012
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    Rayman, never actually finished that game. and I've played it for weeks when I was young
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    October 2005
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    Rayman, never actually finished that game. and I've played it for weeks when I was young
    Started playing it a bit again, and I still haven't finished it, or Spiderman, or AoE, or tons of other games. There's so many childhood games that need completion.

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    November 2008
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    It was either my dad's old copy of Leisure Suit Larry 6, or Duke3D.

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    June 2011
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    I belive it was Settlers 2
    Mine too! I miss that series.

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    May 2007
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    When I was around 4 I had an old computer from the 80s. I don't know what it was but I had a shitload of unlabelled cassette tapes with games on them. If you didn't turn the different parts of the computer on in the right order (the cassette reader was plugged in separately) you didn't get any sound in the games, which was actually useful as I had no volume control since all the sound was MIDI beeps and boops, so I could play in the morning when my parents were still asleep.

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    July 2013
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    It was either dx-ball 2 or re-volt and both games have definitely stood the test of time with re-volt having a crazy modding community that is still going.

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    September 2006
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    Lemmings 2: Tribes on MS-DOS.
    I was so young I had no idea what was going on other than it was exciting and I loved it.

    Didn't really play games at all in general till Red Alert 1 came out.

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    January 2012
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    probably like fucking toy story or something

    as for FPSs im sure it was return to castle wolfenstein

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    December 2016
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    Odell Down Under

    shit was bitchin

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    October 2009
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    this is the earliest one i can remember.

    but the internet is saying these were earlier

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    January 2016
    550 Posts
    Unreal Tournament GOTY.
    I was 4 years old when I played it at my cousins' house; they were crazy about it. I remember we would take turns on the computer; whenever one dies, someone else takes his/her place.

    It's still one of my favorite games of all time and I still listen to it's awesome soundtrack very often.

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    October 2007
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    Chip's Challenge is the earliest thing I remember.

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    April 2007
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    Probably Lego Racers or Dune 2000. I remember playing both before I was even in Kindergarten, but I can't remember which was first

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    February 2017
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    Heroes of Might and Magic III

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    May 2007
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    Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego

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    January 2008
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    Either Treasure Mountain or Math Blaster Plus.

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    June 2010
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    The first games I've played were demos and shareware stuff. I distinctly remember that one Half-Life demo where a headcrab jumps straight at you in a vent, good stuff. That, and Diablo 2, but I could barely make sense of it.

    TES Oblivion blew my fucking mind. I'd say it was my first "real" game. In the very beginning of it, after you're told to find Martin, I angered some guard because I was an asshole kid and then fled to the monastery. The moment the guard followed me to another location was almost like an epiphany. I can't stop gaming ever since.

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    April 2006
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    Tyrian! Never going to forget the entire soundtrack because of how many times I played through the whole thing.
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    April 2012
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    Quake and Jump Start Preschool on a Pentium machine.

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    Viking Chest hair simulator 2012
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    June 2009
    3,081 Posts
    Age of empires, then baldurs gate, and first PS1 game, jumping jack flash

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    October 2009
    13,924 Posts
    Odell Down Under

    shit was bitchin
    This was an elementary school classic for me.