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    I actually don't give a shit about skins. The Sand Cannon is beautiful in Factory New (and fug in every other wear level including MW) but there's no way I'm buying one.

    What I like is unusual weapon effects, and by "effects" I mean Energy Orb. I have 4 EO weapons and 3 of them are strange. These are among my most prized TF2 possessions. The Minigun looks GLORIOUS with EO, especially using the Paysus animations. The shotgun look pretty badass too. I don't have a strange EO Flame Thrower solely because Valve have seen fit keep the Halloween Fire and Exorcism spells retired. I don't have a strange EO Rocket Launcher because holy Gaben's balls are they expensive (and I owned a $3500 virtual hat).

    My favorite thing about Energy Orb is that it is basically the Scorch Shot Particle, but resized and stretched out to the length of the weapon. Don't believe me, check out this video I recorded years ago that was the result of a Rock Paper, Scissors glitch:

    My least favorite thing about Energy Orb? It's retired, until further notice (which most likely means permanently.) The effect was only ever unboxable from Gun Mettle cases, and never from Tough Break ones. It's not available on any War Paint. Since the launch of the Jungle Inferno campaign, it's not longer unboxable from even Gun Mettle crates.

    Energy Orb is notable by its absence.
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    RIP chat.
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