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    October 2007
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    Like the title writes, is there a good one for gmod, or could you yourself give me a tutorial.

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    November 2008
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    www.portforward.com is what i'm trying out right now and its the closest iv ever got to making a server for gmod. yes i am haveing trouble creaing a gmod server to.

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    December 2008
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    use the CS:S one, instead of like CS1 CS2, etc do GM1 GM2, etc. i have a 64 slot server running on my monster now and its fulll a lot of the time

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    August 2008
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    www.portforward.com was rubbish for me, the version of my router they used was outdated D:

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    January 2009
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    When you forward the ports to a ip address eg. Myne was and portforward said that will work but when i changed it to it worked for some reason lol

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    January 2009
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    I have a D-Link DIR-615 router and when i go to the pf.com it says at the last part "You should see another page of settings that need to be entered into one of the blank lines on your routers Port Forwarding Rules page. Go ahead and enter those settings now." I don't understand, or I just don't see it!

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    November 2009
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    Ive tried every thing and still dont work?

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    September 2009
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    I keep trying to portforeward but it never works. I think in the near future I'll snap, and then I'll end up killing my computer because I opened up every single port.

    Then again, I've pretty much killed my computer anyway.

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    November 2009
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    i just open ports 20000 ~ 27105 :)