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    Yeah, when RoS launched they changed the say loot works, so you'll end up getting a lot of legendaries. Though you'll end up with a lot of the same. I've ended up with three Scrimshaws, three Wildwoods and numerous other copies recently.
    Oh, I thought 2.1 changed the loot. Thanks

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    Do 6 act 1 bag runs on NORMAL, get 4 legendaries randomly throughout. Think to myself "okay that's a little weird" and once the group splits do a rift on my own. T3, full clear, no legendaries. Oh well I've got ~130 shards from rift + bounties + whatever I had left over from before let's see how it turns out, my RNG was pretty good earlier. Been trying to get Akkhan's boots for a while and whaddya know, 60 shards in there they are. Finally with my set complete I don't know where to put the rest of the shards. Maybe I could use an Akkhan's helm that already has a socket so I can roll for crit chance as my current one I had to roll for a socket. 30 shards in Akkhan's helm with a socket. WTF.