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    February 2009
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    Aloha Guys.

    The Swep have now a "CanSay" That means it shows you wich Color you choose, in Red-green-blue like
    Red:32 Green: 21 Blue :132
    But it Spams your Console and your Say.. so You can turn it on or off in the Settingspanel
    other adding is the sbox_maxpopcan Command for Anti Mingebagging. YAY :D
    I added a Spawnicon and Made new addings in the Settingspanel.
    So.. Have fun with it.
    My Friend(peacemaker) wrote a Swep.
    He wants to Post it here, but he doesnt get a Activation Email, so i Post it for him. He is learning Lua since a Week and make some Sweps Small Addons and so on.
    He likes to create Fireworks. But he hates it (maybe other People too) to Spawn a Can and Easy Weld it to The Barrel. So he wrote a Swep that spawns onclick a Popcan and Weld it automaticly.
    You can add Trails in Qmenu-Utilities-User Like the Original Trail STool.
    Just try it Out..
    heres the Gmod.org Link : http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=72646
    Heres a Simple Video :D :http://de.xfire.com/video/ed952/
    Greetings m0nst3rkill3r-peacemaker

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    April 2006
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    This confuses me a lot. It looks way to simple to make.

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    February 2009
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    How do i understand that :D ?

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    July 2009
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    I like it because it makes fireworks easier to make. But not something for my server, makes it to easy to minge. 7/10 Good Job!

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    February 2009
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    Ye, (I Write from m0nst3rs Account) Nice Idea. Gmod.com wiki is now down.
    When its online ill going to write a Restriction Convar :D thanks

    /edit. Anyone an Idea to do it? :D gmod.com is down :(


    Okay Gmod.com is online right now. Anyone a Tip how to do a "Maximal Can" convar?

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    July 2005
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    I think something's wrong with the video, it cuts off before the fireworks blow up..

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    February 2009
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    i dont want to blow it up ;) Just a Small Presentation

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    April 2005
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    You sorta just re-wrote the manhack swep... But alright.

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    February 2009
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    I didnt. Sorry ;)
    Maybe it looks like. But i Didnt.

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    June 2009
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    That's pretty good, it's easier than adding a can then putting trails on it.

    Not bad for your friends first SWEP.

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    August 2008
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    Great for a 1st swep, but I think it should be a Stool instead.

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    January 2014
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    Damn, this is old

    (User was banned for this post ("Pointless bump / Bumping a thread just to say that it's old" - Swebonny))
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    April 2011
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    Damn, this is old
    Wow, nice necro. Impressive.
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