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    I'm so happy for this.

    Part one- Amazing. Great introduction, great angles, effects, voice acting, everything. I saw that guy 4 times i think. Very eerie. Also, that scene you thought you referenced something to, it reminds me of the begining scene with gman in half life 2 :D

    Part two- I like your idea of using the camera to show things. It worked really well. In the completely unlighted map, i dont' like how there are really long pauses in between the protagonist and the stalker guy. it seems... idk like horrible stage actors forgetting their lines. But that's my opinion.
    The wanderer's voice reverb effect was too much at some times. It was hard to understand. Idk maybe I'm just retarded.

    Part three- Again, amazing, nothing to complain about. It was amazing.

    Over all, this was an amazing machinama :D
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    what's going to make it better is that there won't be cameras flying around randomly for 50 seconds straight
    That's always a +. I mean as far as action goes, what did you have in mind for effects and how you plan to execute these parts. In my opinion you should make the action aspects like Gamer. Whenever I'm thinking about action parts for a movie I always look back to the "Gamer" preview, it displays a great amount of camera angles, effects, and ideas all in that short preview.

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    Hey Kurit, if you haven't seen it, here's a good example of what I'm talking about:

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    The way you had him fall looked pretty good. I don't get it, though.