The Rules
1. Only post your own work.
*No "Here's something my friend drew" threads or posts
2. Keep criticism constructive.
*"This is bad" is criticism but it does not help the creator improve, so you will be banned for this.
3. Encourage and Advise
*Try to keep your constructive criticism posts encouraging
4. No two second shit
*No one really wants to see the smiley face you doodled at school, and shit like that
5. Put effort into your work
*We don't need this section cluttered up with a bunch of work that no effort was put into
6. If you do not agree with a ban a moderator has made, PM him about it.
*Posting about it in the thread will be derailing and it will get you banned
7. If you do not think that your work deserves a thread, search for the "Creative Work That Doesn't Deserve A Thread" thread.

Contact Info
If you have to contact me for anything, you can add me on steam or MSN
Steam: Casper9384

Resources for Artists
Constructive Criticism
*Here is a link to a wonderful guide to constructive criticism by k00lwhip, please read it if you are new here, or are unsure what qualifies as constructive criticism. [[LINK]]

Graphics Tablets (aka Pen Tablets)
*daijitsu has written an excellent in-depth guide to graphics tablets for people interested in purchasing one, but not sure where to start. [[LINK]]

*daijitsu has also written an excellent in-depth guide to cameras for people interested in photography, but are not sure which kind is right for them. [[LINK]]
*codenamecueball has written an excellent in-depth guide to camcorders for people interested in video as well.