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    TA - RULE

    So once again I was reading a PW forum post, looking at all that stuff. If you may have noticed, PW can get a bit chaotic and derailed. So im going to attempt to make my own paint gamemode!

    This is about tactical combat, from terriost attacks to hostage situtations. They're is two teams, each team has 2-10 players (Mattering on the "Map") Like CSS and a tabletop put together! A different from PW is that it has a vertical view, looking down on the map. For this example match, I will use this map

    Quite big isnt it? Using a floorplan make lifes so much easier. Oh well, Anyways. Now on to how to play.

    The title of the forum indicates what kind it is, So [TA] Name - Gamemode - Players (7-10 is a bit high)
    Im going to use a terriost team and a SWAT team. Terriost is X and Swat is O, if you want it to be something else, go ahead. I am going to have five players on each team. Each player can choose a "Perk" at the beggining of the game *I will try to find a place to put a perk menu and weapons menu later.) Such as : Double weapon, Gives the player two primary weapons, and disabling pistols and such. Each player has 1x primary weapon, 1x pistol, 3x grenade OR 1x special grenade and 1x grenade OR 1x Special. (Could change according to a perk) and always 1x knife. Since I don't have have the time, everybody will have 1 famas, 1 deagle and 3 normal grenades. Each weapon has a damage, accuracy and such panel.

    Example weapon
    1x2 damage - 1 indicates the amount of damage each x bullet, so 1 damage every two bullets. If (Each player has 100 health by the way.)
    1 accuracy - 1 indicates how far (By CM or inches? What direction, do I use a online dice or something? I don't know. Please vote, ill ask more later.) on a body sheet. Shown below
    1 recoil - How far up by Cm/Inch each 2 shots shall go,
    3 long - How many bullets can be fired before it stops (You can stop it at any amount of bullets)
    If I were to use dice, I would need 2 dice.

    (I might increase the size of this photo or replace it) (I need eight sides (North South East West north-east north-west south-east south-west to properly play this, anybody want to draw it for me?)

    I may also add more to the weapon thing in the future, this is only the beggining.

    3x1 damage
    3 accuracy
    2 recoil
    6 long

    9x1 damage
    5 accuracy
    5 recoil
    2 long

    Grenades will, use a similar system.
    Normal grenade :
    54 damage - No x1 needed
    Using two dice, you roll and get 6 both together, so it goes 6 cm/inch to a random side (What system should I use for THAT? Arrow dice??)
    It will explode the next time its your turn. When it explodes : If 6 inch/cm away from a person, Divide 54 by 6, so 9 damage. If it has a remainder, round to the nearest tenth Do this for each person.

    Flash grenade
    9 damage - Not alot, its a friggin flash grenade
    When it goes boom, it will use a flash system, the Line Of Site of grenade, players must agree on who it gets. (I might have a gamemaster who will be responsible for rolling dice and doing stuff like this, he won't be able to play if I do.)

    Incendary? Somebody find out a system for that and I will add it.

    When in a knife fight, the gamemaster chooses who dice is whose, and rolls the dice.
    Whatever dice has a bigger number wins the knife fight, and 25 damage to the losing player is rewarded. (You must be at least 5 cm/inch to have a knife fight, or maybe use a special knife charge perk that allows you to do it from 10 cm/inch?)

    Moving : Roll two dice You can move in any direction, you must always be 3cm away from another player! The amount the dice gives you is the amount you move foward when a enemy is in your line of sight, otherwise you can just move 10cm/inch. You either move or shoot, thats it.

    Cover : When at least 2cm/inch away from a wall, you can enter "Cover mode", when you shoot from cover, you shall be vunerable, but only one person will be able to shoot you before you go back into your cover.

    Actual game - So Im going to playtest the actual game now, Same rules as above.

    Its a bit small, but its big enough to see. Alright, lets move these guys. Roll dice to see who goes first.

    Terriosts win the roll, the first player annouces he is going first, and moves 9inch/cm foward, shown by a line.

    Rest of the terriosts move, SWAT turn, (Skipping to a battle scene now)

    Last terriost moves 7 inch, SWAT turn, at the north end of the map, one swat is in cover mode, and annouces he closes a door, so that door is closed, the other one stays put. At the south-west end, One of the swat saids hes going to fire on this guy, indicated by a line.

    So, First bullet - Roll arrow dice? It is going up by 3cm/inch, Since im too god damn lazy to do the whole process, im going to skip to the last bullet, of so it hits right near the neck.

    Total damage : 23

    The second SWAT deicides to throw one of his good ol grenades. Indicated by a line.

    Gamemaster rolls two dice, 2 - 1 = 3 So using a arrow dice?, it will show how far by 3inch/cm it will go, (It cannot go the direction of where the SWAT has thrown it from) It goes to the east. So indicated by a line.

    It hits a wall, Nobody is caught in the explosion thanks to the wall.

    Gettin a little tired of uploading images. Ima play some gmod and then finish this game, be back soon!

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    Fucking hell yes

    i want in

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    I have no idea what that just meeant

    Edit :

    I did?

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    This looks incredible, I'd play it.
    Only problems I can see are the number of people willing to play and how many of those will stick to it.
    Couldn't it also work as each player controlling a squad? Usual 1v1 with squads of 4 or so but then 2v2s with twice as many etc. It would mean a lot of dice rolling for each turn though.
    Also perhaps less Call of Duty style silly weapons like the deagle and dual wielding.
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    i've been thinking of starting something like this for weeks now im just too damn lazy

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    ill play!


    heres a dice roller!


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    Erm,i think ill try. But I still have urban warfare too.

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    Jpg fail
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    I propose that all swat/terrorists are (team colour) circles with dots to indicate the direction they are facing.
    like this:

    green swat, orange terrorist and blue/gray hostages

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    Just like that, yeah.

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    awesome, i would definatly play


    can the hostages fight back?

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    Swat gives them a pistol or something? Lets just keep it like CSS and make it so they are worthless piles of crap that can't shoot.

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    k, but how many people can play at the max

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    As many as you want, the more players the longer the game is.

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    can we start now?