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    These rules apply to ALL subsections of Games:

    -Don't make a new thread about a game if there's already a thread going for it. SEARCH BEFORE YOU POST.
    -Don't make threads about game updates, especially if you have no information about them. Keep them in the megathreads.
    -Don't reply to threads just to be an ass. Be constructive; or don't post at all.
    -Don't make threads if you've just been scammed, or if someone is attempting to scam you.
    -Don't spam useless shit to get a megathread closed quickly. This includes attempting dumb "witty" last posts.
    -Don't make threads asking what to buy or play/if you should buy or play something.
    -Don't make "post your" threads. These are usually, but not limited to, threads asking for our opinion. This includes threads like: what is the best game of X genre, what we think is the best X in a game, post a list of X, in X game what's the best way to do X, etc.
    -Don't beg for games.
    -Don't make threads to beg people to work on your mod when you are the "ideas guy".
    -Don't showcase your mod without having lots of content. If you don't think you have enough, post it in the appropriate megathread.
    -Don't make threads when you have Steam related issues.
    -Don't make a thread if you are stuck in your game. Use the megathread for that game, if there is one, or look up a guide.
    -This isn't a support forum; don't make a thread if your game or console is broken. If you think your game isn't working because your computer is malfunctioning, ask for assistance in the Technical Support section.

    If you don't follow these rules while posting, you'll probably get banned.
    If you make a thread that breaks these rules, it will be locked. If it's exceptionally awful, you'll get banned as well! You have been warned.

    Report threads and posters that you see breaking these rules.

    PM a moderator if you have a rule you'd like added to the list.
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    Spoiler Rules
    If you post any major storyline information, or any details sensitive to the plot, it's a spoiler. Tag these posts!
    Speculating about future plot points based upon spoiler information, is SPOILING
    It's advised Spoilers (especially for NOT YET RELEASED / NEW RELEASE) come with WARNINGS to describe the type of spoiler.
    General speculation (i.e: What you think is going to happen) does not need to be tagged.

    ^-- these are bbcode spoiler tags. Spoilers can only be read if someone highlights the text or mouse over it. ex:   Spoiler   

    Spoiling information without using tags will get your account banned. If you are trolling with spoilers, you'll be banned even longer! You have been warned.
    Abusing/Misusing Spoiler tags gets you banned - Use them in their appropriate manner only

    As a final note: please be kind and courteous about spoilers. People don't like having an entire game ruined for them before they even get a chance to play it, and guess what, us mods have to deal with it.
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