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    The two releases I look forward to the most at the moment:


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    the gaslight anthem are writing their 4th, apparently

    glassjaw said that coloring book was a preview of their 3rd album i think? idk

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    listened to new caretaker album.

    I didn't like the first few, but slowly became more enjoyable.
    Nowhere near as good as last year's but I might need to hear it again.
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    Patiently waiting for a pre-order of the new Earth LP:
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    I doubt they'll be released this year


    He released one just now no?

    But I think it was just rerecordings
    No this is a new Burzum album, I wouldn't be surprised if there is a release a year. But yes not that long ago he release that rerecorded compilation.
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    That album art, bah.