Alright, obviously it's now much more acceptable to make individual threads than when intermingled with the main CC section. However, I suggest you have lots of content if you're going to make a thread, not just a single picture followed by "CC?". If that's all you need then keep to the Creative Photography thread or make a personal art dump thread that you continually come back to with new content

Good thread ideas:
"365" or "52" projects
My trip to an awesome place
A shoot I did with my model friend
I enjoy this one artist's work here's my favorites

Bad thread ideas:
I took this picture with my iphone in the dark and I know it sucks but I want criticism anyways
Dude we were so wasted last night
"(X Topic)" thread title with nothing relevant but "post your stuff about X" in the OP
What should I get (keep this discussion to the Offtopic thread)
Canon/Nikon sucks I hate it grr
Canon AND Nikon suck lol get a Hasselblad