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    June 2009
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    Water weight probs. I lost 10lb in three days of waterweight.

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    August 2008
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    wat is waterweight? :O


    Just looked it up.. I was a little active before, drank lots of water (like clear, not juice or anything) and ate healthy foods. The only thing i changed was activity and amount of food. Ate like 4,5 lbs of food every day :D

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    June 2009
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    To lose 5lbs of fat every week you would literally have to be on a 2500 calorie deficit.
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    September 2008
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    you need to seriously consider becoming a motivational speaker


    or some kind of coach, but goddamn I thought that was good as fuck
    I Second that.
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    February 2005
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    Also I don't have a problem with the pain involved in weightlifting, I quite like it, but cardio hurts my lungs and makes me feel like shit, my legs and all are fine after it, just my lungs which get destroyed


    The hurting of lungs is expected, along with coughing afterwards if you haven't done any real cardio, after a few times it will start to get easier, I used to be 200 lbs and couldn't run more than a few hundred meters before having to quit, now though 5 months later I am 150 lbs and can run 5.5 miles with additional weight in a backpack, and could probably run much further if i had the time. In a month I built up like this, 200 meters, 600, .85miles(1 lap of my block), 2 laps, 4 lap,s 5 laps, 6 laps, 6 laps weighted(10kg), all in a month and after my 3rd or 4th run, my lungs didn't hurt any more. starting to exercise was one of the best things I have done, I not only feel better psychically and mentally, I look much better and am allot happier, I basically addicted myself on hard exercise.

    and if ruining isn't your thing, you can try swimming and cycling. I find also that boxing a punch bag works for me on rainy days, as long as you keep moving and keep yourself almost out of breath, you will tone up and do cardio at the same time. but whatever you choose, if you want the cardio to actually help your body allot you got to do at least half an hour at the same time.

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    April 2006
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    How is your progress, Alcapwne?

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    November 2006
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    hi fp how do i look like stallone in 1 month help pls

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    January 2011
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    There's not denying you've been fed from the wrong spoon.

    I can make people's life better in 5 seconds. Because people are that insecure inside that they can't notice their own strength and need to feel better with themselves by inflicting regimes upon themselves they don't truly want to do just to satisfy this supposed "hunger".

    Gain credibility, sure. I'd like to walk down the street and have stares just because my bicep is about to blow up.

    But that's the thing, no one gives a fuck. You think muscle would gain you popularity? sure. For a month. It's superficial and the only popularity you'll truly gain is from guys. Are you gay? no.

    You want the girls attention. You think girls think like guys, with their vaginas? no. Your perception of life was fed to you through the generations and media. You're an image of society. I am, the opposite. I control society and behave accordingly whenever the fuck I want. Fuck people. Fuck everybody.

    You want to really impress your friends? be the man you're and start believing in yourself instead of dealing with your distorted self image which causes nothing but pain.

    Life is a stick. Grab it, break it to pieces n glue it the way you want. Doctoring yourself abs n suffering so you could have a 6 pack for a month is fucking useless.

    If you want my help, ask for it the right way. I forge men, not sissy girls who want something just because forbes magazine says so.

    Confidence, self love, is the key to everything. All you need is your mouth.
    Just curious, are you Tyler Durden?