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    June 2008
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    I've been trying to install an HD texture pack, and every time, i get this:

    I've been looking up a solution to the problem for about an hour, all of them were basically telling me to delete the Bin folder and force update, which didn't work. When i hover over it, it says;

    "HD Textures cannot be applied:
    ColorizerWater: No Classes Matched
    ColorizerGrass: Multiple Classes Matched: hw ia"

    There are no mods on this, fresh install. How can I get it working? From what I see it's a common problem but most are fixed by redownloading the bin folder, which did not work for me.

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    November 2009
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    Who cares, Install optifog/optimine and it's got the hd texture fix in it too

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    June 2008
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    That worked... thank you!
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