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    June 2011
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    Rules couldn't be more simple, start with this blank template, and go up from there!

    I'll add the base

    It's a little sloppy, I know.
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    April 2011
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    I wouldn't want to live in a skyscraper that has a base that looks like that, that's for sure. =)

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    January 2009
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    oh god at least try to make it isometric

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    April 2011
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    Created a new base (hope you don't mind). I used an isometric grid, so it should be fine.

    Edit: Work's now.

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    August 2010
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    make the line thinner
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    Dosen't need a bigger avatar
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    April 2010
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    its very big and pixels are obviously very small, if you want detail and not just the brush tool then it should be smaller

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    Guest 3855 is lost and can't find the park exit
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    February 2005
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    Here it is real isometric:
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