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    Ok, so I'm getting a 4 track digital recorder from my uncle and I want a cheap synthesizer that can make a variety of sounds. I don't know much about playing keyboard, but I want to learn. Thanks!

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    this all depends on whether you wanna go digital or analogue.

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    If you want to learn to play, you want to get a keyboard with a soundbank. A synthesizer is something that you can create sounds with. I'm guessing you're just confused with the terminology here (if not, please tell!). Synthesizers are much much more expensive and often have a limited keyboard (some don't even have one at all) compared to the playing keyboards.


    Notice all the knobs and sliders! Notice how small the keyboard is.

    For the same price you can get a keyboard like this:


    If you actually do want a synth, then you can't really go cheap.
    A "cheap" synthesizer will set you back like a thousand bucks.

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    not true at all.
    where i'm at you can go analogue for under a thousand.

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    Roland Gaia SH-01

    Roland SH-201 (This one you will have to buy used, since it's no longer in production.)

    Both great synths, noob-friendly and affordable.

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