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    "Belgium is pretty much a non-country"
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    "- But drought could 'last till Christmas' as land is too dry to soak up the rain"

    What the fuck? How is land too dry to soak up water
    18 months of pretty much no rain. The ground is so dry that it just either runs away (causing floods) or just gets soaked up (can't be used for water). It has rained for pretty much a week non-stop here but it stopped for a few hours this afternoon and it tried out so quickly I was amazed.

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    Holy shit that first picture is right near where I live, it came close to flooding next to my seaside college but nothing close to the damage there.
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    The river tees was dead high up earlier.
    If it hasn't gone back down then the high street might end up with another flood.

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    oh thank god it only hit essex
    I live in essex and i found out it was hit by floods and tornadoes by a thread on facepunch?...i need to get out more
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    Wow looks like the river Calder in Wakefield's about to burst its banks and the canal in Leeds is pretty much at its limit.

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    First time I've ever heard of tornadoes outside of the US. Cool, well, bad for them, but neat to hear he american mid-west isn't the only place they form.

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    I like cheese...
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    July 2009
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    Holy fuck. Seriously at the start of the week seeing the weather report for this week I said theres going to be a tornado just by looking at how the wind and rain was moving in a anti-clockwise direction towards Britain... did I jinx this country? Or just got lucky on calling it out.

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    Keep calm and carry on, chaps!

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    It wasn't just the south, Sheffield had plenty of flash floods yesterday and this morning a few roads around the rivers were closed because of overnight flooding, no wind though

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    Our university campus was flooding yesterday but now it's sunny and dry :D yay bbq tiem

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    Wednesday and Fridays are the days I have to go to Uni.

    BOTH days it was pouring with rain when I was travelling there, got soaked. As soon as I step into uni...SUNNNN SHINEEEEEE!