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    August 2010
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    I have an Intel Mac Mini that was given to me in unknown condition. It won't power on. Either it's the fault of the mac or the power supply. I have only one of either and would like to start by first testing the power supply. Googling this isn't much help besides "HURR DURR REPLACE POWER SUPPLY LOL".
    I'm sure someone has figured out how to test it with a DMM. Any pointers?

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    March 2012
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    First things first, what model of the Mac Mini is it? If it's the 2011 model then the following could be a cause of the problem:

    Power supply could be broken (this could be anything from the actual plug itself to the cable being broken somehow inside the plastic coating) - To check this out you can try plugging the cable into something else that has the same voltage requirements that the cable gives out. If it works then it could possibly be the next problem below.

    Faulty battery - I read somewhere that unlike your average laptop where there is a power cable (much like the apple provided cable) connected to an external battery which then goes into your laptop power input, Apple had intergrated the battery so that it is tidier and requires less cable length. From what I am aware of they did this with the 2011 models and possibly the gen previous to that.

    In the case that it isn't the power cable itself it could actually be the battery supply. Before tampering with that, I would get a different power cable of the same voltage and use it on the Mac Mini. If it doesn't start up then I suggest taking the Mac into a repair store and having them check over the battery, or if you're feeling really confident, purchase a new battery and rewire it into the mac replacing the old one. Hopefully this will solve your problems.

    If all else fails then all I can imagine is that there is a fault with the wiring inside the Mac Mini from the battery into everything else.
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    It's one of the original Intel units with FW400 and PC3200 DDR ram.

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    That brick isn't a battery. it's a bloody step down transformer.

    Try googling the PSUs pinouts on the plug and test them with a multimeter.

    I'm sure you have a multimeter in that pile of stuff