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    January 2007
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    Hi everyone! I am a 2 year atleast, Garrys Mod Player and I love the game. For me thats enough to start coding LUA so I can start my own server especially with all my experience with the games out there. I have friends that can code but so far they have gone out in different branches and have no time to help me. I really need either a teacher to talk to me once and a while if I need help and either
    1: Get me into it and understand it better
    2: Learn the coding a bit better so I know exactly how things are to work. where to put ; or "" ,etc.
    I am very patient man and I love to learn. Only problem is that I have trouble getting into things. Alot of times I can't figure out things or don't understand something so I can't move on nor can I code naymore and get tired of it. A teacher/mentor would help because they would be there 12/7 so I can contact them on problems I have with my script. They can also teach me the basics and get me started too! (hopefully!)
    P.s. If you are willing to help.. PM me so I can reply to you faster. ;)
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    June 2009
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    I recommend you learn yourself. No one is going to waste their precious time teaching you each individual bit of code and what it does.