Golden Gate Quartet

The Golden Gate Quartet (aka The Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet) is the most successful of all of the African-American gospel music groups who sang in the jubilee quartet style.[citation needed] Founded as the Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet in Norfolk, Virginia in 1934 by Robert Ford, A.C. Griffin, Willie Johnson, William Langford, Henry Owens and Orlandus Wilson. They began as a traditional jubilee quartet, combining the clever arrangements associated with barbershop quartets with rhythms borrowed from the blues and jazz like scat singing.
After I've had some good listening to The Ink Spots, Mills Brothers and some few other Vocal bands and artists I found Golden Gate Quartet. This was my first step to gospel - Just what I want, vocal-jazz and blues in form of jazz. It's a shame we don't see these kind off vocal groups today. Here are a few songs by them:

Swing Down Chariot

Down By The Riverside

The Sun Didn't Shine

Blind Barnabas