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    This is up there in my top 5 movies of all time. Johnny Depp is an excellent actor in this as he usualy is.

    An adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson's novel of the same name. The film details a whacky search for the "American Dream", by Thompson and his crazed, Samoan lawyer. Fueled by the massive amount of drugs they purchased with an advance from a magazine to cover a sporting event in Vegas; they set out in the Red Shark. Encountering police, reporters, gamblers, racers, and hitchhikers; they search for some undefinable thing know only as the "American Dream" and find fear, loathing and hilarious adventures into the dementia of the modern American West
    Overall this is a film I think that most people should watch.

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    Already a thread on this, but great movie nonetheless.

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    Saw the movie, then read the book. Both are fucking great.