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    And not build as in you actually physically build it, I mean link the parts from newegg or something. It doesn't really have to be fantastic, but I would like it to at least run StarCraft II on ultra with little to no lag. Budget is about $700ish. And don't bother linking my a hard drive. I have a decent 500 gig one already installed in my current PoS rig.

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    What about a dvd drive? little things like that

    What is your computer now

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    No, you can do it yourself, but we can help pick your parts.
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    Build it yourself, it's like putting together a lego set. Just don't do anything stupid and you'll be fine. (like forgetting standoffs)

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    ITT: people not reading the OP.

    Really it isn't hard to pick out parts yourself. On a budget like yours it's really just all about compromising. Do some research on parts about a generation or two back and compare for prices. Like, for intel and nvida stuff, you gotta be looking for Core 2 Duos instead of i7s and 8000/9000 series GPUs instead of 200/400s.

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    he said he's going to build it himself.