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    Steam can be a bit of a system hog especially if you're running it on a netbook so I'd be interested to know if it still works as well.

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    can jsut use the steam web chat nowadays
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    how can i be sure that this isn't a phishing software ?? As i can see you have to type your password :X this software is easy to make as 2-3 days if you don't know gambas, otherwise 1 day with gambas ! also i will never download such thirdparty software that you have to type in your password to login in current application or website ! also i can see this is an old post and now we have www.steamcommunity.com/chat/ in our hands so this is a little overkill.


    now i can make better chat application for linux (all destributions (open source)) with gambas that doesn't require direct input of password, but require steam login from steam api not direct one and this i have to correct myself it's not an overkill because
    it will be great if you can just have the chat on other side not in the browser. For slower machines java chat in browser means total destruction :D.
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    This was made 3 years ago. Back then we didn't even have steam web chat-- let alone an actual steam client for Linux. You can tell it's not phishing software because it's open-source. Did you even bother to look before accusing it as phishing software?