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  1. GoldenDargon
  2. GoldenDargon
    Stahp hitting me with your mallet thing!
  3. GoldenDargon
    [url]http://www.livestream.com/geedeelair[/url] >:L
  4. GoldenDargon
    Gimme your steam name bish
  5. GoldenDargon
  6. slayer20
    Might have to postpone it for a while longer...just got Saints Row 3
  7. GoldenDargon
    Sure, tomorrow though since i'm shouting people off high places and stuff atm
  8. slayer20
    If I reinstall, want to help me kill things?
  9. GoldenDargon
    Luckily the grind isn't as painful as it was back in the start, so you'll probably enjoy it.
  10. slayer20
    I had a mage of some sort. I didn't play for very long...grinding is just too much for me. I did however really like the music. I might start playing a bit of it again