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  1. Samwiseganja420
    Hey man.
  2. Samwiseganja420
    Either your steam is still broken or mine is broken.. I see that you are online, but do you see me online?
  3. Samwiseganja420
    Did you also get offline?
  4. Samwiseganja420
    Hello! I have sent you my invite on Steam, did you get it?
  5. Samwiseganja420
    [B]IT'S A TRAP![/b]

    Don't do it.
  6. Samwiseganja420
    Yeah please do not check the pictures I deleted from my wall, they're very scary. And I am actually willing to pay alot, and I've been thinking about starting photography as a hobby of mine, I mean the reason I want a camera with me in Chernobyl in the first place is to take beautiful pictures of it.

    Thank you for responding.

    Also: Do not check my friends page, that one is fucked up.
  7. Samwiseganja420
    Daijitsu, you never responded to my PM.
  8. Samwiseganja420
    Do you play TF2?
  9. Samwiseganja420
    lol Taylor.
  10. Samwiseganja420
    Nice post Takukull, rofl its funny.