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  1. lucianls
    hi garry, can you answer me to the PM. Thanks
  2. RazRust
    i'm not alone
  3. RazRust
    Hi Garry, I'm VAC Ban cause of bugs in Rust

    your post: If you find yourself banned and are positive that you haven't been cheating then please post your full 64bit steamid in the thread and we will look into it.

    a door kick me for violation, i can't farm a little house i'm kicked for violation, i'm stuck in a rock i'm kicked for violation
    after that i'm VAC ban, i'm not a cheater my account steam have 5 years without cheats or ban,
    i'm just ban for bugs in this alpha game, i'm a serious admin not a cheater,
    i'm bored by the steam support automate, nobody for speak.

    my steam id: STEAM_1:1:25450336/76561198011166401
    my profil:

    who can help me ?

    i like this game and i want unban my account for play with my team "but after the alpha maybe"

    4500 ban it's a good number but how many no cheaters are ban ?
    this hard protection on this alpha bugued it's not a good idea.
  4. The Grimm
    Garry, I have solved one of the GMOD errors. It says to contact you if we solve this, so I am doing so here. Either add me on steam on send me a PM for the information!

    Thanks, Grimm.
  5. DominicDeacon
    Hey Garry, first off, Rust is awesome. I do have a question though.

    Is it not possible to put cheaters on limited restricted servers that could even be tabbed under "Cheats" on the server connection page? I have no idea how doable or difficult it would be, but if you were able to allow cheaters restricted access to those servers and no access to standard servers, you would have potential for more growth as far as sales go and the people who weren't banned could access the Cheats servers as well if they ever wanted to experiment with cheats, without harming other peoples game progress.

    So I don't know how well that would work, but it's a thought.
  6. drloomis82
    Gary, We're having a blast with Rust. It's truly a beautiful (and unique) experience, but, as you know, is currently being ruined by hackers. Last night, my friends and I legitimately attacked another player who then started greifing us over-and-over again with a hack that was killing us with hits to the body when we weren't even around him. He killed us in our houses, places where there's no way he could have hit us within the parameters of the code of the game. It was absurd. I'm not sure what this hack is called, but I've been told it's referred to as "insta-kill." The players Steam name is "Blah" and these attacks occurred on the North America 4 server. It appears that this player wasn't caught by the ban-wave that went out, but please look into him, if you can. He's really ruining an otherwise great experience. Here's a link to the image of the player's profile:[IMG][/IMG]
  7. godred2
    Hello Garry, I want to play with friends on the RUST server, but I can't create it as me it to make! Tell me please! Thanks!
  8. lossanmu
    2 hackers
  9. BatmanNoob
    Yeah, i'm also having that problem. I tried to join an official server and then it said i was Facepunch_Kick_Ban. I then used that CheatPunch SteamID search to see if i was banned, and it said i was banned because Aimbot/Wallhack/Lighthack. I've never hacked once, so i don't understand why it banned me. I have over 100 hours on the game, it's basically the only thing i play. Why would i hack on it? I'm one of the people complaining about hackers. I know i've been reported because people think i aimbot, but that's for everyone. There's a whole bunch of kids on Rust who get angry that you kill them and take their stuff, so they report you and say you hacked so they can spite you. I'm just really aggravated that you finally release a good anti-cheat, but it banned me in the process. Can you please look into this, thank you.
  10. RazRust
    Hi, i have a serious problem i'm vac ban without reason after a steam uptdate on my server, i'm admin i used rcon.login and server.pvp false, after 5min i'm kicked , i cant join my server and i have that "failed to connect (facepunch_connector_vac banned)" and 'im vac ban, why ? how can i have a rapport ? my profil steam and my server rust i don't know why i'm banned, it's a fail Facepunch ? i have 2 servers and i'm banned, i'm correct, i'm not a cheater , my steam account have 5 years never banned and i don't want a ban without reason. i'm admin on a little group steam and i'm serious, please help me.
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