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  1. Emperor Scorpious II
    Could you throw a turn in for Red Star or are you calling it quits?

    (haven't had free enough time for that alternative history thing yet)
  2. Emperor Scorpious II
    Want to co-write an Alternative History thread in the GD, possibly focus it on the Man In The High Castle show to attract more attention?

    Would have to do it some time next week, haven't any real computer time this week with the holiday and work as I'm sure you have a lot on your plate as well (/pun)
  3. Aldawolf
    Also can I add you on steam? It'd be nice to get someone to help me with Paradox games.
  4. Aldawolf
    I generally agree with you but every other post I see feels very strawmanny
  5. iAmaNewb
    My cores?
  6. Davidn64
    Happy bday
  7. Daniel Smith
    thats just the halloween one, theres one for christmas and one for no holiday
  8. iAmaNewb
  9. Dr.Critic
    "Oh so it's their race's/culture's fault. Okay, yeah that makes it easier


    Never heard that argument used for things before! "

    "I dunno, I'd say Germanic culture is the worst considering the whole Holocaust thing"

    You made these posts within HOURS of each other
  10. MaddaCheeb


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