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  3. [Seed Eater]
    It's hard to say, but frankly, it was likely to be a mess. One of the things other leftists are most critical of Makhno over is his policy or immediate transition to full anarchism, through collectivizing the factories and farms and burning all the money. This had logistical problems during the war and didn't help with hunger issues. One reason why the Bolsheviks were able to maintain and survive after civil war, invasion, and isolation, was that they knew when they had to tone down the program and accept the more pragmatic solutions when things weren't working out, hence nationalizing the economy and dissolving the soviets and the institution of War Communism and the NEP. Makhno's group was not so calculating from what I understand, which would have undoubtedly lead to issues.
  4. [Seed Eater]
    I can't really tell you much besides what's on the Wikipedia page, unfortunately. The couple books that detail the historical information on the Free Territory and Makhno are expensive and hard to come by due to being out of print. At one point AK press was still publishing one but their business burned down, so there went all the cheap options. [i]Anarchism[/i] by Daniel Guerin has a section, but I'm rusty on what he had to say.
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