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  1. Crash155
    you are birthday man

    have a good one
  2. cpt.armadillo
    I use 9-42 and anything lower than D standard is too floppy to be useful. Problem I have is that it's a bitch to retune guitars with a floyd, which is all I have.
  3. GamerChick
    Most things I drop by 1/2 or by 1 step. Unless it's Black Sabbath or I feel like something that needs to be heavier.
  4. cpt.armadillo
    I cut my palm and it's stitched so I can't play right now and it sucks cos I'm learning this [video=youtube;8COKMGuDWGQ]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8COKMGuDWGQ[/video]

    I really derped those tags haha
  5. cpt.armadillo
    How far are you dropping? Helloween is in E standard or Eb IIRC. What guitar is it? That's important for knowing how tight it'll be.
  6. GamerChick
    I bought some thicker ones made for drop-tuning, they have been sitting there for a year though so I don't know if they are still good. All I know is my skills went bleewwwpp.
  7. GamerChick
    Well now I gotta put new strings on my guitar and practice... I haven't in like a year oh god... my fingers will bleed...
  8. GamerChick
    HELL YEAH! Kai is my favorite frontman!
  9. Oicani Gonzales
    also get educated on fashionable gentleman's headwear, its a panama not a fedora wow
  10. Oicani Gonzales


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