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  1. Xubs
    I believe I have seen it but I am drawing a blank. However, it's great that you're willing to help. I may ask in the future, thanks for the offer!

    And the fact you're not good at making totally new sprites is perfectly acceptable by me. I have mostly just been using hacky, dirty edits for the time being and some Realm667 resources because I'm not that great at art. It'd be awesome to have some polished versions of those sprites!

    Also, if you ever want to talk to me, feel free to add me on Steam. It's the only instant messaging service I am on on a daily basis, so it's the easiest place to get ahold of me with Facepunch behind it.
  2. Xubs
    Thanks for the offer! I don't think I need any help, but I'm just curious, what do you have in mind? Are you good at sprite work?
  3. Xubs
    I love modding in general, modding is legit one of my favorite things about video games overall. Any game that has mods supporting it, I'll install a few.

    It's probably why I'm such a Bethesda apologist, at least they extensively support modding even today. :p
  4. Xubs
    I'm not a hardcore coder nor have I ever opened up the engine and looked, I've just been playing it every other week for the past 8 years or so :p

    I've done a bit of on-and-off mod making since I began playing and it's made me learn a lot, and I've spent a lot of time lurking around the source port scene. Otherwise I know jack about the engine, I really only know about stuff when it comes to ZDoom and modding DECORATE.
  5. Coyoteze
    Ehhh, its fine, but thanks for the offer. I just don't understand why they do that. Deliberately twisting and making fun of people, taking things completely out of original context and shitting on people who clearly aren't in a mood to be roasted.

    As for me being a total wreck, I'm booking a therapist starting sometime in 2 weeks, after my vacation is over. Gotta straighten my life out for 2015.
  6. Mike Tyson
    source on your avatar?????? i need it for """SCRIENCE"""
  7. SuperDuperScoot
    It is, in short: He's a lazy piggish slob.

    As for the Steam thing, maybe later, I've got to get to bed because I've got some family related New Years stuff to do tomorrow. Going out for breakfast and maybe stopping by a local big arcade for some indoor go-karting. Don't wanna be sleepy for that :v
  8. SuperDuperScoot
    Happy New Years to you as well! And things have been good, I think the best holiday miracle my family has had thus far is that my brother actually bothered to take a shower for once and change his clothes so he didn't make the whole house smell like a dead rat. It was also a bit less holiday-ish feeling than previous ones, but people keep telling me that's just a side effect of getting older.

    I don't like it.
  9. SuperDuperScoot
    It's something from a series of (console) games called Armored Core, starting on the PS1 and the last game being on the 360/PS3. Nine Ball is one of the AC (Armored Core) units from multiple games.
    Great mech games, though the control scheme is a bit difficult to learn and suddenly switches between Armored Core 3: Silent Line and Armored Core: Nexus. (PS2) The amount of customization you can do to your mechs are rather extensive and if you have any consoles that can play them or a computer that can emulate the older ones, I definitely recommend it. They're all made by From Software, the same people behind the Dark Souls games.
  10. Daniel Smith
    I will see what I can do
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