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  1. pdp
    Okay, fair enough.
  2. pdp
    I am curious as to why you think my opinions of college are dumb.
  3. da space core
    so, is thst stat
  4. matt000024
    don't cry over spilled toxic waste
  5. Stonecycle
    You were onto something with a separate thread. Maybe the idea would be less shot-down if under a different name. Sounds like a resurrection of the I'm Not In My Right State of Mind threads. Just need a couple of the clan and you're good to go.
  6. Stonecycle
    Note that the word "Serious" in a thread's title will only attract the opposite. The whole stupidity of how WAYT became was why I left for a while ago. There just wasn't anything else that was worth me staying around.
  7. Adnap
    no problem :)
  8. TheBrokenHobo
    idk i like wayt it's the only place i ever post in on this site, plus i openly embrace the shitposting

    fast threads isn't really the place to have an serious discussion
  9. TheBrokenHobo
    nah i've only ever had problems with a specific type of attitudes in wayt but these kinda splinter threads never go down well, it's fast threads lol what do you expect

    nothin personal man
  10. Xubs
    yes very

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