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  1. Puddlez
    Well you're still the primary vocalists. There's nothing wrong with your voice at all, the only minor inconveniences of it should be easily solved by a good vocal mic and some distance from it in an acoustically treated room
  2. Puddlez
    Well I'd be happy to do some parts, or atleast try, I mean after all there were parts on the Wall that purposely used Roger Waters's bad vocals. Its just that by the time you get your recording gear I hope to aquire a good recording mic aswell so that should fix any onconveniences of my vocal stuff
  3. Puddlez
    Well I have no problem writing lyrics aswell. You can still assist with themes and the others can put in lyrics if they want

    Anyways about my vocals, either they're really bad, my mic sucks, or i just cant hear them well enough or a mix of any 2 or all of the above. Either way I'm very against doing vocals for this reason. You dont have to compliment my Pigs on the Wing cover if you dont think the vocals are good, you can say im the worlds worst vocalist in the world and i wouldnt care, im not insecure about my voice
  4. Puddlez
    I can certainly write lyrics. You could too. I think we should stick with the musicians we have to write lyrics, makes much sense. All good artists do their own stuff. Plus if we drag in another guy then he could try be another Roger Waters. Then people would get sued
  5. Puddlez
    Precisely. Anyways, can you atleast give the word that you will EVER have vocal gear again?
  6. Puddlez
    And at this rate we wont be done for months anyways
  7. Puddlez
    Well a) how did you aquire it in the first place and b) you said you were getting them back somehow
  8. Puddlez
    So when do you expect to reaquire vocal gear?
  9. Weemanply109
    LOL. I would have probably stopped using this username years ago if it wasn't for it's uniqueness :P

    Thanks, avatar is too much to handle. So hawt
  10. Weemanply109
    I thought of it when I was 12 It's stupid I know, but it doesn't actually portray me in any way whatsoever, I'm not a weeman or a midget :p I actually don't know why I even choose this, but I am proud of myself for coming up with an unique username. You google it and you'll only find my stuff

    Why do you ask anyway? Have you seen it elsewhere?
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