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  1. AceOfDivine
    So not smart
  2. kill3r
    yes u did plz stop
  3. kill3r
    plz stop rating me dum it hurts thanx
  4. Luafox
  5. eternalflamez
    It took me 1h to download, but then again, i have a good internet speed.
    Gosh, I'm really spamming your visitor messages. And living up to the title. Changed it just recently... Before that it was "I AM A FUCKING IDIOT" in big red letters. Needless to say, I didn't really like it.
  6. eternalflamez
    Yup, it's like 12Gb at the moment. It's definitely worth it, and the next beta weekend will be "In a few weeks", prob 3 or 4.
    I just wanted the Collectors Edition, but I could only buy it on 2 websites. 1 Was sold out too soon. (Seriously i got internet banking on April 11th, and it got sold out on the morning of the 11th...)
    The other website was being an ass, apparently you had to prepurchase on their site, months before you were allowed to prepurchase legally (April 10th), which I wasn't informed of, since I don't use that website normally.

    So, no CE for me. Had to settle for digital deluxe.
  7. eternalflamez
    It's extremely awesome. My link links to the best thread on facepunch. OP is huge!

    Anyway, you can't play now anyway, only in Beta Weekends, and those only happen like once a month. Last weekend was the first, and I had so much fun, it's really awesome...
    Alot of bugs now, though, and it's still a work in progress, but damn do I miss it.
    Also: Beta Weekend in a nutshell: [url][/url]

    And one last thing, you can only play in the beta weekends if you prepurchased the game. If you had previous access to the closed beta, you can't use that access anymore, since the closed beta is over.
  8. eternalflamez
    Oh, okay, I thought there was some gossiping going around. I don't know. Don't even think I've seen you before, so I thought it was weird.

    Anyway, thankyou for your time.
  9. eternalflamez
    "1:27PM D3vils Buddy [mentioned] Kill Time Topic ☂ bye postal"
  10. eternalflamez
    iunno, ticker sais this:

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