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  1. Hideous
    It looked like you were making a short circuit replacement, in which case rigging to the SDK engineer would've broken shit.
    punch a hooker in the mouth
  3. Skunky
  4. Daimao
    "Not to be bothersome, but when might you update the "c_animation sources" thing? I need it to update the soldier's shotgun pump fix."
    PM me with what you need and I'll decompile it.
  5. Pocket Medic
    That's why you put air-holes in your pocket after you've popped the medic in. A screwdriver should do nicely.
  6. theharribokid
    hey, could you post your no ammo belt heavy up for download?
  7. t h e
    Alright. I'll have it shipped of to you in a few... hours or minutes.
  8. Zedicus Mann
    From the Portal 2 Megathread of Course.
  9. Mariner
    Nice! As far as the "Gloveslinger", what I actually did was take the mechanical armband from the Gunslinger (the part with the keypad next to the sleeve) and add that part to the regular glove model, to imply that the Engie actually [i]kept[/i] his severed arm, and pops one or the other off when needed, with that bracket being a universal component.

    An idea to satiate my OCD, really, but it's a good practice project for what I'm planning to make as possible weapon submissions. If that idea still sounds cool, I can send you the smd later tonight.
  10. Mariner
    Correct. For some reason, the qc from the decompiler is teh garbage. Now that I think about it, would you be interested in my "Gloveslinger" idea for the next version of your Fixed Engie Gloves? That would kill two birds with one shotgun.


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