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  1. Thunderbolt
    If you feel weird then I don't know how to feel about myself, all of my ideas involve the kinda stuff he does best
    Good price:quality ratio as well, I got two versions of this picture without paying any extra for it, he was just like "Hey I didn't much like how the first picture came out, I'm gonna send you another version tomorrow"
    10/10 customer experience
  2. Thunderbolt
    <-- Yeah at this rate I think I'm just gonna wire my brain directly into L_D's inbox and my bank account to his paypal, I'm way past the point of no return now
    I think I saw a couple of your commissions in his gallery too, pretty neat stuff
  3. TectoImprov
    One in the same, mate. Who are you?
  4. Passerby Silver
    :3c Nice to see you!
  5. Thunderbolt
    Yep, I only gave him a general text description of what I wanted and it came out pretty much exactly like I imagined it, dude's amazing :v
  6. Animosus
    Kaitycuddle, one of my favourite art pieces to date
  7. Medevila
    didn't mention "SJW" once, funny that -I- was called defensive...
  8. Medevila
    p sure it's not me who was being confrontational if you want to discuss the game that's cool but lets keep the OT out of the FO thread
  9. BananaFoam
    There are something like 50,000 active members on here, so it would be silly to assume that there wasn't at least two from this area.

    I mean, it is fairly populace. It's technically part of Chicago, after all.

    Also, I really live closer to the shithole farming hamlet of Westville, but I try to not associate with that place (when I am choosing MC over a place, you know it's bad)
  10. BananaFoam
    About 10-15 minutes from Michigan City here.
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