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  1. Alice3173
    What is your avatar? It strongly reminds me of the Transformers logos.
  2. Alice3173
    Well that's kinda abstract, lol. Then again I think shintoism has some gods that represent abstract ideas like that too so that's nothing too surprising.
  3. Alice3173
    Well pokemon never did make a whole lot of sense, lol. And has made less and less as each generation comes out. I'm not even sure what the legendaries are even supposed to represent at this point considering arceus was supposed to essentially be god. (And I haven't followed Pokemon at all since that generation either but that's beside the point.)
  4. Alice3173
    Oh jeez, the pokemon looks even more unbalanced, lol.
  5. Alice3173

    How does that character even walk without falling over?
  6. Megaman1811
    Nice Avatar
  7. Gran PC
    prepear... 2 get spooked
  8. Ridley
    I know it's been a while, but I did it.
    I beat Odstarva, and his little circlejerk down in Carpals.

    AALIYAH Head, Arms, White Glint Body, and Legs. Like you said, dual moonlight, and with Omer's back weapon boosters (Split Moon's), Torus' biggest generator, Virtue/AALIYAH boosters, Blue XS FCS (the swording FCS) and a X-Sobrero Assault Armor Ob. Also on 1.15 Regs, tune for boosting thrust. Wait for a lock, and hold down what ever your attacking buttons are. You move faster like this rather then Overed Boosting.

    Now go knock that cheeky brat's face inwards.
  9. XxNemisis116xX
    I just refuse to believe that anybody cares about a folded bit of cheapo tat and a shitty pun
    I'd rather get somebody an iTunes gift card or something instead of garbage they will throw away
  10. Dr. Evilcop
    oh noes my health bar went down one sliver
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