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  1. Steve Harvey
    "your a retard" ahahhahaha
  2. businessPawn
    You "are"(ok that was pretty dumb of me) a retard Have you ever heard of economically liberal but socially conservative.
  3. businessPawn
    Also can you give me an answer besides "But that wasn't true Communism". That's a shit argument and intellectually cheap.

    That is called a dictatorship

    I'm pointing out you dont know the difference between Economic and political ideologies.
  4. businessPawn
    I want to address how retarded you are here.
    Communism exists as a political system as well.
  5. businessPawn
    In practice it is a system whereby a dictator rules a country.
  6. businessPawn
    That is called a dictatorship
    Most people cannot get what they need, and so a massive black market exists, the knowledge of which is well known to the rulers of the country, but they participate in it.
    That Only happens because most communism's end up with highly corrupt officials. An ideal communism would be possible without shit people.

    Frequently it will endorse pseudoscience (especially in the fields of biology and chemistry), have sham elections, supply shortages, a backwards military using outdated military strategies and tactics, obsolete weaponry and drill, an incomplete and unbalanced infrastructural system, and generally will slide into economic stagnation once the transition to an industrial economy is made, but will find it impossible to successfully transition into a service-based one without significant reforms or revolution.
    Dude again they outlaw being religious most of the time and Those are characteristics of a fascism not necessarily a communism.
  7. businessPawn
    toaster468 posted:
    Since when do communist governments have to other throw the current government?
    Well they can't do very much if they don't control a state

    they could come to power peacefully?
  8. BRS
    stop making me laugh please
  9. BRS

    That made me laugh a lot
  10. Steve Harvey
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