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    I hate saying this over and over again but I don't hate furries.
  2. Xanthias
  3. Purple Gecko
    I'm the same as you it's real easy for me to tell flavor's apart especially with coke and such.
    Like I can tell those energy drinks which are just caffeine and some flavorings apart.
  4. Jonesy.exe
    ok sorry man wont happen again dont hurt me ;_;
    No what he said in the thread
    Sorry creepy isn't really a good choice of warding.
    I think I remember you keeping it to the right threads, which is good.
    And sorry that I accused you of anything false, I'm just basing it on what Zeke said.
    Can I just give my two cents.
    Since people can get really anal over opinions in the thread, so I'm going to just write it here.

    First of all I didn't think it was a good idea ever to say that someone is the reason why there are homophobic people on this planet. I dislike extremely flamboyant homosexuals myself but you just don't say something really retarded like that.

    Second of all Zeke, is a moron for suddenly changing the subject to about you having a furry avatar yada yada yada. Your avatar isn't that bad, it doesn't look pornographic at all and that's acceptable. It's not a reason to get upset over. I remember your posts used to be quite creepy, and from what I've seen you've changed quite a bit and that's good.

    And I didn't even know why he brought it up anyways, you were defending the fact that all homosexuals are faggots.
  8. Sobotnik
    Ur a p cool dude.
  9. John Egbert
    But it could prove an important component of so-called quantum computers.
  10. Mysterious
    Ay'. You mind if I add ya on Steam?


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